Thursday, October 28, 2010


     As you know I am saving for a small Class C or Class B rig with a target purchase date of December 2011.  I am halfway to my $$goal$$ but this sort of sustained effort could very well stall should I become shrouded in the unfocused fog that is everyday life.  (You grown-ups know what I mean).  I’m sure that being mindful regarding my progress will keep me motivated (also the reason for the existence of this blog).

   Maybe it will help if I keep a list of sacrifices small and large.  Here’s the latest struggle.  It was pretty large.





     I’ve always been absolutely buggy about VW bugs.  I grew up (pretty much) in the 60’s and my Dad always had a bug.  Every few years he would trade for a different color.  The last model he owned was the final model for the original Beetle – a bright oranget Superbeetle.  On the verge of my 15th birthday and acquisition of my learner’s permit, it was stolen from a movie theater parking lot.  It wasn’t really my brother’s fault but you know how that goes….  I blamed him anyway.  So ended the Beetle era for our family. 

   Fast forward 20-something years and the introduction of the New Beetle.  I continued to lust after one of my very own the way some women yearn to have children.  I really can’t explain why I don’t have one – my head turns every time I spot one (frequently) and I have test-driven them (occasionally). 

    Last week, my husband informed me that one of the last New Beetles – the Final Edition of which only 1500 were manufactured – was for sale in our little town!  A 2010 convertible with barely 6,000 miles on it for $21,998 - a very good price.   Here she is (#1142/1500):

I promptly drove it and decided my time had come. I was going to finally own a bug! 

But over the next several days, while playing hard-to-get with the salesman, it occurred to me that I would be setting my RV scheme back some $6,000 - $8,000 (depending on the final purchase price).  This would translate to about 6 – 8 months or 3 - 4% of my savings goal.  Yikes!
    Today I’m sad but proud.  Sad to report that I’m still not a bug owner but proud to say I stayed on track.  One week later, I still feel it was the right decision.

Unless ...........  Is there a compromise solution?

    I’m certain there are many more temptations in the future to chronicle.  I hope they won’t all be that tough.  Stay tuned!


  1. I'm glad I found you while your blog is still in its infancy. No, wait, you found me, then I found you. I'm still glad your blog is new...less reading to get to know you. I go back to the beginning of all the blogs I find and read all the entries and it can take awhile. It's worth it though.

    Good luck on your PhD. When I was working on my Master's I was a single mom, worked full time and commuted every six weeks from Tucson to Seattle for classes during a week long module. Intense.

  2. When I was first married in my 20's all we had were VW's. Green, yellow, and finally the orange super Beetle convertible.

    Good for you for staying on track. Buying the VW = getting a car. Not buying the VW = getting a lifestyle.


  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Four Windows: one of the things that has kept me sane is the mantra "thank God I don't have kids and a long commute". Just joking - but I often tell myself it could be soooo much worse.

    Barbara: if only I had the benefit of your wisdom last week - the decision would have been much easier! You are spot-on!

    P.S. Just got back from getting Doris her first coat. It's not nearly as cute as Katie's sweater.


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