Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Home Game

This actually occurred last weekend so I'm a week behind.  I can live with that if you can.

Our little town's population must double during home game weekends when everyone piles in to tailgate.  I don't know about my fellow townsmen, but by the end of the season I'm like, "OK!  Thanks for the infusion of cash.  Go away now".  It was especially nuts this year due to our completely unexpected #1 ranking.  War Eagle !

Here's a field near our neighborhood on a normal day:



It's not my idea of getting away but ... a good opportunity to check out the rigs in their natural habitat.

What would happen if some inebriate (no one I know, of course) stood in the middle and yelled "FIRE!!!"

             World's ugliest RV.  Who needs 3 bathrooms?

World's Cutest Tailgater

Doris enjoys checking out the various grilling techniques

                                                          Once again, War Eagle !!!


  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I'm having trouble reading your countdown clock. Wait, I think I just figured it out...388 days (I had trouble with this number), 6 hours 5 minutes, etc. I just noticed the printing under the 388. It's very hard to read, but at least I stuck with it and figured it out on my own. The background is great...good job.

  2. Yes, great counter. I had one in the VERY beginning - but it was too depressing. I might add one again when I get closer to kick-off!

    Doris is so pretty - she has beautiful markings!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog! Interesting in that my "dream" is selling/renting my beach cottage outside of Savannah (when market "returns"..HA!)and moving (solo) into an RV.
    B's are nice but maybe too small? So good to see your musings over what "type", etc. I think a "C" would be more suitable for full-time, but not certain....?
    Are you in Auburn? My parents are both retired Dept heads..still live out on Willow Creek...I love to drive by the rigs parked out there to check out the different models...and dream!
    Can't wait to see your "take-off"!

  4. I re-did the countdown clock. Didn't realize how hard it was to read.

    Lady Di - yes we are in Auburn. Did you grow up here? I think B's probably are too small to full-time although people (couples!) are out there doing just that.

    Have you been to the womengosolo group? Seems like we are all in the dreaming stages over there. Check it out:

  5. Hi Again! Yep...grew up there. Fled to FSU (ugh) and then SIU (Carbondale-brrr!) as soon as I graduated...LOL!Not much has changed there (except the Grille is gone) :(
    Dad still gets his hair cut at the same barber shop by Toomer's...Auburn is like a time warp.:) I'll be there all this!
    Yes,Thanks! I saw that "jennifer" had started that group...haven't joined yet, but shall! Good to know it's full of "dreamers" too! My friends just think I am insane because I am the QUEEN of "Tchatchie" (sp?) or stuff! I'd have to just lock the door and walk away! :)
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  6. Yelling fire? You have a mischievous side to you! :) You know, given that you and a few commenters are still in planning stages, you could try laying a section of your current home out the size of say a class B, then a C etc and see if you can live within that space for a while. B's are definitely small, but they are pretty cozy in a nice way too :) We had our daughter stay with us in ours this last week. 3 adults in our 17' RT was a bit snug, but doable. I wouldn't have been able to do it any longer though. 2 adults is fine though(if ya like each other)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  7. Mike has a good point. Be sure to poop and shower within the confines of that space, though, or it doesn't count.

    I like that you specify that Doris is your adopted daughter. It's really none of our business what your genetic relationship is, but we're a curious, yet polite, crowd.


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