Friday, November 12, 2010

Frivolous Gadget - Or - Indispensable Travel Accessory?

After considering the purchase for well over a year (and repeatedly talking myself out of it), I finally got a KindleTM.  And yes, I love it so very much … just like anybody in her right state of mind. 

The main reason for the prolonged self-denial is that I don’t spend money on books although my consumption is probably 3 a month.  I’ve always used the public library or my university library with its 5 million volumes (which they conveniently store, catalogue, and dust for me).  So, reading has always been an ultra cheap hobby.  Until now. 

Now I must feed my little e-reader.  And the marketing wizards at make that so very easy.  But …… I figure I’ve saved roughly 3.8 million dollars in reading costs over my lifetime.  I only wish I could come up with an even better rationale in which I convince myself I’m actually saving money.

Wait!  Here’s another justification!  And the entire point of this post.  I'll never run out of reading material on the road.  This is comforting.  My biggest fear is being stuck somewhere with nothing to read.  (This has only happened to me once in my 20s due to a drunken unplanned stay in a hotel room). 

But like any lurking terror – tsunamis, religious zealots, tax audits, and rabid skumk encounters – it could happen again.  Even with the Kindle.  I could a) leave it behind, b) drop it on its head, or c) mistake it for a coaster. 

Though still haunted by the possibility of being stranded, I can now carry up to 3,500 books for the weight of a piece of toast.


  1. I bought my Kindle after a cruise where I ran out of books to read...LOL!

    I started stocking up on free books 3 months before I actually got my Kindle. I now have several hundred books and have bought less than 2 dozen.

    Check out the blog at for free books from Amazon as well as this one for inexpensive books in addition to free: Also be sure to check this list: and this one:

    You'll see some duplication but there is enough difference to make it worthwhile.

  2. The thought of running out of reading material puts fear in my heart so I understand where you're coming from re your new purchase. Being brand loyal I would go with an iPad. I've checked it out and I love the way you can "turn" pages. Uh oh, I think I see an iPad in my future. I also have a loyalty to books and real pages and hesitate to go with an iPad or Kindle for that reason. However, there's only so much room in an RV.

  3. Froggi,thanks for the links! I will check them out. Free is good - especially now that I have this big whoppin' savings goal for an RV purchase.

    Yes, I do miss the tactile sensation of holding a book. And seeing how far I've read. But I don't miss having to carefully balance my coffee in order to turn the page or trying to locate my place again. The instant gratification is probably going to be addictive as well.

  4. Congratulations! You gotta do something nice for your self sometimes. :)

    I bought my Kindle after Oprah's TV show where she offered $50 off through her website. It's the first one. I have hundreds of books, mostly free ones. I also downloaded Kindle through apps onto my Droid2 phone and laptop, so I can truly read anywhere. I used to have partially read books everywhere, now they are all in one place.

    Also - the Kindle is wireless, which I like. I can instantly download books without being plugged in.

  5. I'm tempted! But, not sold. The day I spend $10 for a book is the day ... after I just bought a Kindle.

  6. I am too addicted to the printed word, the smell of a new book as well as the smell of an old book to purchase a Kindle. My daughter has my library as well as her own library and she does all the dusting for me. If I find a book I want to keep while on the road I will mail it to her. Then one day when I am done traveling and settle down in a house that is on a foundation I will reclaim my library. I will become the crazy book lady that everyone has warned you about.

  7. I get my books from They are all free there. I read a LOT but I now do it on an iPad. I thought I would miss "real" books but I don't at all.


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