Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jumping Through Hoops

Spent the past weekend in the vise-like grips of my stats final.

It was ugly folks.   I became increasingly alarmed once I realized that the predicted 7 pound baby I was laboring with was actually a 13 pounder. 

Formula:       ∑ = OUCH! X 2. 

So basically, I spent the weekend gnashing my teeth, pausing only to bellyache to my husband, and feeling slightly sorry for myself.  But really, I mean come on, what’s to complain about really?  Though it’s my constitutional right to bitch, in this case it’s probably morally wrong.   

After all, on both Saturday and Sunday I was able to ride my bike in dazzling autumn weather to my serenely quiet office which has everything I need and which I adore. 



Now that I think about it, the only thing that could make life sweeter is if some underworked statistician owed me a big fat favor. 

And also now that I think about it,  if I just had a camper van all my problems would be solved...

All this pain is self-inflicted.  Sometimes the whole endeavor makes no sense at all.  I’m working harder now so I can work harder later.  (If you read my previous post -http://kimbopolo.blogspot.com/2010/11/flight-plans.html - you know I am conflicted regarding my decision to stay in academia). 

Come on countdown!!! 


  1. Nice office - like the comfy chair, and it looks like you face a window from your desk. I need that, if I can get it. Need to see the wind, rain, sunshine. Nice.

  2. I know the heaviness of statistics! I made an A without understanding a single thing except that there were lots of formulates that evidently had meaning. Good luck. Love your office. Academia. I use to have that dream but never quite made it except for adjunct professor positions. That was enough though. Have fun, good counting your blessings!


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