Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Living Small

I've finally learned some manners and want to welcome all new followers. (Was Jim Jones this rude when he started out ?).  I have nine!  Eight not including myself!  How thrilling!  I'm accustomed to seeing my writing in professional journals that - trust me - no one reads.

Not me.  Not yet. 
I think I’ve always been a minimalist.

I remember looking around my room as a kid and saying "Mother, can we please get rid of some of these toys???"
This predisposition for simple living is probably why I want my address to be a small motorhome.  RV living is living small.  I think this attraction to a minimalist lifestyle also explains my frugal nature. 
Or do I have that backwards? 

Since discovering this community of like-minded folks, I see that most of you share these common traits of frugality + a need for simplicity.  The common theme here seems to be the desire to live deliberately. 
So I thought I would share a few of my favorite simple living and personal finance websites.  Predictably, there are just a few: 
Miss Minimalist  This blogger and her husband have taken the minimum to the maximum in their 390 sq. ft. apartment.  Her writing style is as simple as her message. 
Unclutterer    An often acerbic look at getting (and staying) organized and downsized.  Don’t miss “Unitasker Wednesday”.    
Get Rich Slowly  I’ve been following J.D.’s blog for years and I always learn something new.  The reader comments can get very interesting. 
Unhappy Hipsters  This has nothing to do with my topic ..... but it's just so freaking funny!

Got any favorite websites to share? 


  1. Thanks Kimbopolo for those website mentions. You're one of my favorite blogs! Can't wait to hear what's next. I am loving being a minimalist.

  2. Wow, Levonne ... what a coincidence - I was just showing my husband your photos! Is drool bad for the keyboard??? They are stunning!

    Thanks for your kind remarks!

  3. Maybe as I continue downsizing my house my requirements for an RV will also go down!!


  4. http://mnmlist.com is one I follow along with http://zenhabits.com

    I recently added two others you might like..not really minimalist but definitely good sites. http://simpledollar.com and http://www.happiness-project.com/

    All of these have blogs that I follow.

  5. Thanks for the sites (Donna, too.) I always love finding new, helpful, interesting sites, especially when they are recommeded. I'll definitely check them out.

    I'm finding minimizing my life is very freeing. If my condo burned to the ground and Katie and I escaped, the only thing I'd miss is my laptop, and it's backed up on-line. Such a nice feeling.

  6. Love your blog! I too am a fan of Unhappy Hipsters, and would add a couple more (unrelated to minimalism or simplicity, but simply hilarious):


    and, if you're a fan of Etsy and don't shock easily:



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