Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Non-Purchases

I thought it would be interesting to start a systematic accounting of stuff I didn’t buy every month.    

This moratorium on unnecessary purchases is part of my effort to aggressively save for an RV for next year. Though I’m not much of a consumer as it is, I thought it would be interesting and motivating to keep track of those small expenses I didn't incur as part of my savings goal.     

Item 1: Kindle Cover with Light - $59.99.  I do want to get this eventually.    


Item 2: Pet Sling - $28.22.   I’d like a carrier I can stealthily cart 12 pounds of Doris around in but the user reviews are mixed.  And this is not an item we need right now.  

Savings grand total:  $88.21

Well, the total amount is not that impressive but over 12 months of not buying small-ticket items like these, we’re talking a grand total of: $1,058.  This is substantial, representing about 5% of my savings goal.  

Not buying the VW bug last month (see Battles) was definitley the right decision.  We’ve also decided to stay in the same house indefinitely.  More about that later. 

All that considered, we are going on a cruise soon. But ... that decision was made months before my RV fever relapse.  And, when it comes to travel, I deliberately leave my frugal habits at home. 

Hmmm ... what can I not spend money on next month?  Note to self: comb catalogs with extra care and pick out things not to buy.  

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  1. As a former avid consumer, I think it's wonderful to "not buy" things I don't really need anymore. I always enjoy reading about others' efforts to minimize their spending too. Congrats on a good month!

    Back "in the day" I bought a red leather cover for my Kindle. I still love it, and I can always find my Kindle. I like the idea of a light being part of the cover - didn't see one at the time, but the red was a good color choice.)

  2. Ooooh - I'd forgotten how much I liked the red till you mentioned it! (In fact, I changed the photo. It's a slow day around here).

    I think the built-in light is a new development but people who have it really like that feature.

    We throw our spare change into a container at the end of the day. When it gets full ($60.oo or so), I lug it all to one of those coin-sorting machines and get Amazon credit. It adds up quickly!

  3. I like your idea about keeping track of non-purchases. How reinforcing that could be to see how much more will go towards your RV. In response to your comment on my blog about our hummingbirds, apparently we have some that stay year round.

  4. Hi from a new reader. Have fun researching and shopping for your RV. Mine is a Roadtrek!

  5. I often go window shopping. Pick out things and put them back before I check out and buy them.

    So why do we have so much "stuff?"


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