Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Small Enough For One, Big Enough For Two

Here's the deal: I need something that is manageable for solo travel but also roomy enough that my husband can come along too.  I’ve narrowed it down to a small C or B+.  Here are the 2 front-runners in each class though I am not ruling out any make/model for now. 

Winnebago View

Lexington by Forest River

I think a 5th wheel would be sensational for many reasons but I’ve vowed not to have another towable – just too daunting to set up alone.  I also think about a B but really feel that would be too small and confining, especially on a rainy day.

We had a pop-up when I was a kid.  As an adult I’ve done solo cross-country trips via car/hotel  and tent camping. 

Lugging Stuff from Car to Hotel Room

Then we got a 16 foot Casita - which I loved but sold when I lost my job in 2002.  Now I've reached the enviable age when I’m ready for a rig I can level and basically be set up.  I rented a C once for 3 days and liked it but I’ve never driven an A.  The large windows in the A are most appealing but they are hard to find under 30+ feet. 

We have no dealers nearby so most of my looking is online.  We are driving to New Orleans in a few weeks and I want to stop here: 

They carry Winnebago so I hope to get a good look at a View.

Floor plan: every time I make a firm decision, something makes me reconsider.  I don’t want a dedicated bed – over the cab would work for me, but a salesman recently told me that the resale value would be negatively affected with no bed.  I still think something like this would suit nicely:  

I don’t need the over cab storage.  (I travel extremely light.  I went to New York for 3 months with a single suitcase and lived to tell about it).  But is climbing into and out of the bunk a bad idea for a 52 year-old woman with brittle bones and a small but demanding bladder???

I’d welcome any comments or suggestions!


  1. Do you know yet if you want a slide or no slides?

  2. Oh, I should have mentioned - "yes" to the slide. :-}

  3. I can't give any advice about the bunk. It seems cozy, but I'm a thousand thumbs first thing in the morning and that would give "falling out of bed" a sinister twist.

    We've always been sensationally bad about thinking of resale. It's all about what we want, as though we'll live somewhere forever.

  4. Oh, and finally (I'm not kidding), I agree about the B. Clever designs, but dark and very tight for two people.

  5. LOL! And getting INTO bed after a few Manhattans might require some (much diminished) flexibility as well.

    I always have the same thought about big-ticket items: "Resale value? Who cares about that?".

  6. I agree with you about the fifth wheel. Although I had one in my other RV life, my son was with me and loved doing all the setting up, etc. He's no longer with me, as he's out on his own now, and I don't want to do it alone. I like that Class A's have levelers...push a button and it's done. What a laughing visual I got when I read The Good Luck Duck's statement on "falling out of bed". Ouch.


  7. I've gone through the same thoughts. Bunk over cab would work fine for me, and give me more room to "live." I want a 24-26 foot Class C, hopefully, and there won't be much room left if I have a "down" bed. But... If I do find one I really like with the down bed, then the bunk would be wonderful storage. I'm thinking I'll know it when I see it. Gonna be fun!

  8. Hi Kim:
    I've got the Winnebago View with the floorplan you posted (the H model). I was recently attended a rally at the factory where 80 View-Navion owners attended. Guess which model was most common there (by a 2 to 1 ratio)? The H! So, don't believe anything an RV salesman tells you. Go with what you feel will work best for you! BTW, I use the the overhead for storage and sleep on the sofa-- no fear of falling out of bed, and the dog is much happier too!

  9. Hi. I just found your blog thru "Lining in my car."

    I shared a class C on a trip with a friend some years ago. Two gals and four kids. The kids got the back and my friend and I shared the overhead.

    I would hate to crawl up and down in the night now. I'm much older than you, but i need to visit the potty at least once.

    Last year my husband and I rented a 25' class C with the bed in the back. It was much more comfortable to get in and out.

    We used the overhead for wash and every day stuff.

  10. I love it when I come across a Blog early on in the game - makes less reading for me !! LOL I HAVE to always go back to the very beginning and start reading.

    As I was reading this post it reminded me of the process I went through before deciding on what type of RV to buy. There are just so many choices out there but let's face it, that's a whole lotta $$$ to be spending.

    I came across the RV Consumer Group www.rv.org and bought their membership package. Can't remember now how much, but somewhere in the $200 range. Well worth the investment. I received several books and several CD's.

    The best part was the 'rating' CD. This is what lead me to purchasing a Winnebago over the other brands.

    Good luck in your search and planning. It is exciting.


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