Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1: We Start Out

Got back yesterday from our cruise.  I will post a retrospective trip report (with confusing tenses) that may appear to be taking place contemporaneously.  Ahhh, the magic of the internet.  Thanks, Al Gore!

Left the homestead for New Orleans at 9:30 AM at the beginning of a very gray rain.  Filled with holiday optimism, we think that heavy traffic and bad weather may JUST THIS ONCE will be a winning combination.  Or at least that it would stop soon.  It rained every inch of the way. 


Leaving Doris behind hurt but perhaps this will be the last time that has to happen.  It was especially hard parting from her since she happens to smell pretty good right now after a professional bath a couple of days prior. 

How could we leave her behind? 

At 11:15 we stop in GreenvilleAlabama at Bates’ House of Turkey which is doing a surprisingly brisk business considering it’s the day after Thanksgiving.  ***We pause here for a commercial interruption***.  If you ever find yourself on I-65  take exit 130.  Order the smoked turkey samich.  Trust me. 

We arrived in NO, checking-in at the exact same moment that the rain stopped.  We then joined an old friend, Marc, for an absolutely epic four-course meal at Brightsen’s.  Again … trust me.  So, to bed with full bellies and not a single obligation tomorrow but to get on that boat.

Triumph at the Port of New Orleans


  1. Big ship! I can't wait to hear more... I'll bet Doris was happy to have you back home!

  2. She's still happy and won't let us out of her sight. Which is fine by me!

  3. What a difference from the first picture to the last one. Wet and gray to sunny and blue. I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of your posts as I wing my way to Tucson. I'm kind of liking this.


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