Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 3: We Relax

Gray and rainy today out in the Gulf of Mexico.  We did little beyond working out (me) and nursing a pulled back muscle (John).  Sitting on the balcony wasn’t an attractive prospect with the high winds, heavy cloud cover, and occasional rain.  The masses of people can be a real turn-off especially on days like this when few are out on deck.  Sometimes the crowds can be an entertaining diversion but not so much on this trip. 

From the balcony
We have certainly eaten well and I look forward to “elegant night” tonight and exploring Progresso tomorrow.  Doris is still missed of course and foremost in our thoughts. 

Gluttony update: tonight I had the lobster tail and shrimp with a nice Chardonnay.  John had the prime rib paired with the last of the Goats do Roam we brought with us. 

Ideal spot for some NYT crossword action

The skies clear for the sunset

To describe our tablemates - Sonny and Linda from Louisianna -
 would require starting an entirely new blog.  Sonny will begin sentences like this: “A while back I made a fiberglass cast of my horse’s head ...” 

He is what is known as a “character”.  An amusing, endearing, all-around sweet man who’s done some rather improbable things and is compelled to tell you about them.  
We will remember them for a long time.

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  1. I would have gladly joined you for the lobster and shrimp dinner, two of my favorites. OK, the wine, too. The gray, not so much, since I get enough at home.


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