Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 4: We See Sights

 The weather today is pleasant, sunny, with a touch of muggy.  Balmy even.

Short walk, long  pier

 Today was a pretty low-key day in port.  ("Low-key" seems to be the theme of our cruise this time).  We took the 10 minute bus ride into town, strolled about, and thoroughly enjoyed some tasty dishes in the food court of the town market. 

Back to the ship in the early afternoon.  After a luxurious nap, I visited the gym for a guilt-induced workout which provided little pleasure though I did pick up some smug points.  This routine of mid-day beer, followed by a nap and exercise is odd yet agreeable.  And John’s back pain is diminishing thanks to the strict regimen of crosswords, prone positioning, and frequent applications of scotch.   Turns out a cruise ship is a great place to rehab a bad back.  Must speak to Blue Cross about covering the next one. 

I’m trying to eat sensibly - I do love a challenge - but caved in and had a pre-dinner freaky delicious BLT from room service.   (Thought I should mention this in the interest of full disclosure).   

Tomorrow we wake up in Cozumel.   Because this is my third visit inside of a year, I’m predicting yet another lazy and unstructured day.  Yeah, baby!  Even taking the camera ashore may prove to be too much responsibility.  

It’s Monday and I missed 3 (three!) meetings at work today.  You know ...... missed is just not the right word. 

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  1. Love the market shot. Of course I like all food pictures. Sounds like you are having a real rest.


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