Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 5: We Loll About

*** SPOILER ALERT:  we do very little today

Anchored in Cozumel, sitting on the balcony, staring at the impossibly blue water.   Our cabin is seaside so it looks out over the long shimmering water to a miles-distant horizon.  A much better view than that of the port-side cabins facing Senor Frog’s with the Tequila soundtrack and the drunken whoo-whoo chorus.  Let’s hear it for the starboard side!

We disembarked for a bit this morning and made some ineffective attempts at shopping but the air is hot, heavy, and humid.  The dense crowds became tiresome quickly as four liners are in port today.  

This afternoon, John is sunbathing as I alternately read, write, fill in blank squares, look through the spyglass, and continually consider napping.  Tomorrow is a sea day as we head north toward New Orleans.  It’s been swell, love the views and the respite from chores but .... we so look forward to resuming Life with Doris 

Meanwhile, it was interesting watching the Ecstasy precede us as she rode off into the sunset

which was stunning:

Exhibit A

Fishing Boats Returning to Shore

As we move toward the last full day on board tomorrow, we talk about how we will miss sharing our evening meals with the ever-entertaining Sonny & Linda.  We saw Sonny today in the market square right outside of a shop selling leather goods.  Guess what he was doing in the middle of the crowded square?  Nevermind - you can't possibly guess. 

He was testing whips. Yes, that’s right – just like Indiana Jones would do if he were shopping for a whip.

We discovered later that he bought 2 but had to relinquish them at security upon re-boarding.  The general agreement is that it was the right call.    


  1. Those are some great pics! I am pretty much a water nut and love the ocean and here I am boondocking in the desert! LOL! Funny about the whips!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Funny, Mike - while I was on the high seas, I would have loved to be in the desert in a Roadtrek.

    Greener grass? LOL!

  3. Good grief! Did you post a bunch at once, or did I just miss the last few? (Every so often that seems to happen!?!) Sounds like the perfect cruise - doing exactly what you want, when you want. Isn't the food delicious? Your table mates sound - good? I guess? The whips are funny - hopefully he got them to hang on a wall.

    Super photos - especially of the clouds.

    Don't worry about Doris - you miss her, but I was told dogs don't realize how long we are gone, and although she'll be excited when you get home, she won't know you've been gone for days. Hopefully we miss them more than they miss us.


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