Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 6: We Roll

The captain just announced that the seas today are “moderate” with 10 foot swells.  This constant pitch and roll has set the tone onboard today.  Yet it is another relaxing day - with the exception of trying to stay upright while walking.  

I couldn’t complete my workout as the spa is perched high atop the ship on deck 12. Everyone was having trouble balancing – the elliptical machine was moving back and forth like a mechanical horsy, the free weights in danger of becoming projectiles.  

(Doesn't really show the severity of the chop)

Today’s lunch was the standout meal of the entire cruise – whole pan-fried trout topped with toasted almonds.  It was perfectly prepared and paired nicely with the Nobilo sauvignon blanc.  For once, it was me, not John, who ordered the best thing on the menu (although his lentil soup starter was pretty much perfect). I’ll remember that buttery flaky trout for a while and John promises to replicate the results back home.  This photo in no way does it justice. 

The "After" photo.  There is no "Before" shot.  I'm only human.

After lunch we descended upon the chocolate buffet as though we were actually hungry and took our selections back to the cabin.  Try we did, but couldn't pick a favorite.    


John went liquor shopping and couldn’t resist 2 liters of Stoly for $19.99!

The last night on board is always a bit melancholy as we say goodbye to the staff we’ve come to know (and rely upon for our happiness) and our new friends – good people all.  

The swells are 14 feet now and it is far too cool and windy to be out on deck or even the balcony so I’m writing from the best seat in the house anyway – our bed by the big window looking out over all this magnificent turbulence.  

We should reach the Mississippi delta around dinnertime at which point the waves will be behind us, of course.  It will require many slow hours to glide up the river in the darkness tonight and we can’t wait to watch it all.  The skies are clear and stars are bright.  We arrive in New Orleans about 8-ish AM. 

I’m thinking about bundling up, setting up on the balcony with a big thermos of coffee, and watching it all as long as my eyes stay open.  Even after living on it for 4 years back in the day, there is something eternally romantic about that river.    

Last Towel Animal

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  1. That towel animal is really neat! Your cruise sounds like good eats and good sleeps! Hope you get all relaxed and ready for the holiday season.


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