Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Non-Purchases

It’s time to see how much money I saved this month in my quest to fatten up my RV fund.  This is the “latte factor” at work, an attempt to be penny wise, to resist the urge to  buy stuff I don’t need so I can spend  on stuff I want. 

Toms - $45

Have you seen these shoes?  My 15 year-old nephew has a pair and I want them muchly.  Not his.  My very own pair.  I decided to get the shoes even in light of my “one-in-one-out” rule but then realized I don’t want to relinquish any of my existing shoes just now.  Not for the first time I realize that the minimalist lifestyle requires constant vigilance.  The price of freedom, you know.        

Gal pal Doris is of a somewhat stumpy stature and can’t see well out of the car windows unless she’s in the back of my station wagon.


$25 Solution - Booster Seat

So she can’t really sit in the passenger seat like she deserves to.  However, if John is driving, she sits in my lap and all is well.  I know I’ll need to get her some sort of elevated platform when we hit the road but for now the seating arrangement is adequate.

Cocktail Shaker - $20
I like my Manhattans shaken, not stirred.  

(Make a note in case we ever meet).  

I consider my super-cool cocktail shaker an essential material possession.  But the O-ring seal broke recently making it rather awkward to use now.  Awkward but doable.  So I won’t replace it.  It is now 90% the perfect shaker.    

Haircut - $20
I’ve gone DIY, not so much to save money but to save time and avoid hassle.  In my 50s I am less and less willing to 1) listen politely to a tiresome person and 2) spend any more of life’s finite moments in the barber chair.  And if the stylist happens to be a tiresome person, I’m unhappy x 2. 

These days I’m sportin’ what is a simple yet probably unflattering hairstyle in order to avoid professional intervention.  I also made a pact years ago with one of my oldest friends that we will never cover the grey (of which there was little at the time of said agreement).  But so far so good. 

OK, here’s the tally:

December total = $110
November total = $ 88

Grand total = $198

That’s 1,063 miles worth of gasoline (assuming $2.79/gallon at 15 MPG)!  Amazing how the little stuff adds up!


  1. You give a whole new slant to that quotation! I'm liking it.

    Booster seat for Doris! Ahahaha! Perfect.

    RoboCut pulls its shades down and disconnects the phone when it hears me say this, but I do my own haircutting these days. Bonus points: I like it better than a professional cut. And, I figure when we have both cut out hairs twice, we've paid for it. [Disclaimer: requires vacuum cleaner]

    Gray is the new dyed.


  2. Kimbopolo,
    Good vigilence there with minimalist living. You're right. It does take constant effort and thought. Hair, my goodness. I grew mine for a year without a cut. Just got a cut recently and really like it. Color. I started years ago and am trapped. Everyone advises me to color because I look totally drab and washed out in my grey. Nothing sporty or distinguished about it for me. This makes me sad. Coloring costs too much, probably causes brain cancer, is a real maintenance issue and is just plain messy! Good for you for your choices. Rejoice!

  3. I almost colored my hair this winter. But then I remembered how much it can add to the budget each time.

    Although my husband doesn't think of it that way, our biggest saver this Christmas was the return of a couple of gifts. Had the joy of receiving and giving, but when they weren't perfect they went back without exchange!

  4. Great perspectives Kim! Good job with the restraint too, you are going to do well with the mobile lifestyle :)

    The puppy booster seat is cute, I bet there is a simple and free substitute for that with a little creative thinking and perhaps scavenging.

    I laughed when I read the self-haircut part! Heidi and I have been fortunate lately being parked by Cheri (grammahugababy) who recently used some gadget for the first time to cut her hair too. It came out pretty decent I thought! Seems like a good move to me.

    Keep at it and enjoy the holidays!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. Thanks everyone for your helpful and supportive comments.

    Roxanne - I wish you were right about the grey. Sigh. When, oh when, will grey hair and crow's feet be the new sexy?

    Merikay and Levonne - all my friends who color their hair say the same thing; it's messy, time-consuming, and expensive. Why do we do it?

    I read a fabulous book about this very topic. "Going Grey". Here's the Amazon link:

    Mike - I rarely think of DIY alternatives. Probably because I'm not very handy. Doris would probably be better at fashioning something homemade than I would. Good to hear from you and glad you are back online!!! Everyone has missed you.

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