Saturday, December 11, 2010

November Savings Report

fundraising ideas13 months to go .....

The bad news:  I stalled for the first time since I started saving, i.e. absolutely no $$$$$ went to the RV fund.

The good news:  I went an entire month without a single root canal!!! 

Oy! Fall is always demanding financially - the perfect storm of multiple non-negotiable bills due: property tax, homeowner's insurance, liability insurance etc ...  etc ...

The galling part is that not one of those dollars I parted with resulted in a single moment of joy.  Know what I mean?   

November also required outlays for home repair (leaky basement), car repair (new struts, shocks, and some clutch thingy), auto insurance, and property tax. 

Small wonder I couldn't save anything! 

But I remain undeniably optimistic even with big ticket items like tuition and charitable Xmas giving coming up in December.  At least the donation will provide a great big joy bang for the buck.

Better not pout!

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  1. Saving in fall is hard. I guess if you can just avoid any debt you are doing just fine. Didn't the Cruise put a dent in your frugality?


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