Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Savings Report

fundraising ideasYuck!

Not what I had hoped for AT ALL.

Only $500 to the RV fund this month. Sigh. Of course it’s better than no contribution at all or, even worse – having to take money out. Taking out is most certainly what I would have done if not for our surprise bonus checks we received right before Christmas.

December expenses included tuition (hopefully the last time I’ll have to pay for school), a new top for the car, and a crown for yet another broken tooth.

The tally is an unbelievable 12 trips to the dentist for 2010!!! Surely I will get some relief from this expense soon. (Not that soon though since there is another dental issue – an infection – that I really need to address in January). So if I can manage to stay out of the dentist’s chair and am truly finished with tuition expenses, 2011 should be a much better year for savings. Plus I’ll have both a doctorate and a nice smile to show for it!

Once again, sadly, none of this money translated into one single moment of happiness. That’s the hard part about being a grown-up, I guess.

Oh well, next month is sure to be an improvement …


  1. Ack! I feel your pain, Kim! I can't wait to be mobile so I can go to mexico for any doctoring and dentistry (I know soooo many people that do it) My savings, this month, was negligible, too. :(

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Not a single moment of happiness? Just thinking about having a Doctorate would make me constantly happy. And you saved $500. Surprise bonus checks... It sounds all positive to me. But if you can do better in 2011 - and you will - you go girl!

  3. Good luck in 2011! Is the $20,000 at the top of the thermometer the target?

  4. Yes - 20 grand is my savings goal.

  5. Having a goal is a way to reach it! For some it is getting out of debt. For me it is getting the house fixed up.


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