Monday, February 28, 2011

February Non-Purchases

Hey!  This is fun - keeping track of stuff I didn't buy and converting it into gallons of gas. 

Bike Helmet - $25

Bike Seat - $25
My current helmet and saddle work fine.  The helmet is an older model - it's massive and makes me look even more dorky than is either normal or necessary.  The seat is the original but bike seat technology has come a long way since the early 90's.  I need one for a gynecoid pelvis not one modeled for a guy.  And gel.  Gel is good.  But the bike accessories can wait as I'm not exactly burning up the roads right now - it's winter after all and I'm only riding on the weekends (provided the temps are above 45).

Febraury total = $50
January total = 0$
December total = $110
November total = $ 88

Grand total savings = $248

This month savings convers to 15 gallons @ 3.33/gal. (OUCH!).

That’s 1,288 miles worth of gasoline so far! 


  1. Check out thrift stores, I see (and have purchased) great bike gear there. Of course, you have to patient and flexible but you're a nurse, that shouldn't be difficult! : )


  2. Love your non purchasing! Great way to be a non spender! Sometimes I walk into a store, pick up things wander about and put them back!

    I love to not shop!

  3. Hey Kimmer, How about giving us an update of the rigs you've been looking at and why they haven't been considered. Also, Instead of restricting yourself to a Class B, have you considered looking at the small Class C's ?

  4. Sassy,

    Great idea for posts! Unfortunately I've been far too busy to do much except the absolute necessities for work and school. Things will calm down considerably (I hope) after I complete my stats class and complete my written & oral exams.

    But yes, I have not ruled out the small Class Cs at all.


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