Sunday, March 27, 2011

But more likely this ...

This is most likely close to what I will end up with (for sale on eBay).

My first time inside one of these B-pluses was in 2001 and I just felt immediately that it was the right size and had all the features I would ever need.  I want something small (24 ft. or less) and without a dedicated bed.  I can't explain why but I just don't like having that "queen" bed in the corner.  I rented a class C with a floorplan like that before and didn't care for it at all. 

Of course, I love the Casitas and the Roadtreks.  The Roadtreks are oh so worthy of respect but hard to find and, as a result, oh so pricey.

We had a 16 ft. Casita way back when and if it were just a question of quality, I would buy another in a nanosecond.  BUT ... there are all the solo hooking up and towing issues.  And I would need another tow vehicle besides this one:

Which I am loving, BTW ....

                                                          as is Doris the Exploress ...

BTW, I want to congratulate 2 bloggers I follow: "Me and My Dog" and "Four Windows with a View" (see the links in my blogroll to the right).  Both these fine women got their longed-for RVs - a day apart!  Each plans to full-time when the new rigs are ready to go.  I'm so excited for them and can't wait to follow their adventures.

And ... two of my favorite bloggers met each other yesterday!  Glenn ("To Simplify") and Denise ("Sassy's Back on Da Road").  Both are currently in Arizona.  I just got chills when I read they actually met.  The internet has made this world very small indeed.

So, my savings and RV search continues.  And my doctoral work proceeds on schedule.  Never fear - I won't bore you with the details. 

Nice catching up with you all!


  1. That B+really looks cool with the kitchen in the back.

  2. The floor plan of the interior looks almost exactly like mine. I agree with the bed issue. I wanted one that was 24' for ease of driving, lower mileage, easier parking, etc. I would have gone a little longer if I had to. Then I probably would have gotten the corner bed, but for me it seemed like wasted space.

    When you're ready to buy I hope you find the perfect RV. And thanks for the Congrats! It is really exciting!

  3. Love the B Plus! When you posted the little camper the other day, I had forgotten about your new car.

  4. I agree with you about the dedicated bed. I could sleep on the couch without converting it or on the bed above the driver's/passenger's seats or inflate the mattress in the couch. It's nice to have choices. Since I decided to go shorter I wanted all the open floor space I could get and I think I've accomplished that. I don't want to tow a vehicle so I think this will work wonderfully. That really is something that Barbara (Me and My Dog) and I (Four Windows with a View) got our RVs a day apart. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. Still showin' off that adorable little Bug. Love it. And would love it even more if you could find your dream RV.


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