Saturday, March 26, 2011

What about this ... ?

A travel trailer?

Casita's Patriot (13 feet)

So well-made!

and so cozy!


  1. Hi Merikay,

    You're right. Whatever rig I get will be for short trips only. I won't be in a position to take really extensive trips until I retire - many years from now.

  2. I have always loved the little scamps, burros, casita and boler TTs. I look at them and if I find one at the right price, that's self contained i wouldn't be opposed to making it my home.

    Small? Yes. but I tend to spend more time outside than in. A screen room would give extra bug-free and somewhat weather resistant living space.

  3. Kimmer, I keep tellin' ya - RETIRE NOW !! You can do it and will love it.

  4. LOL, Sassy! Always the enabler. One big problem with retiring now: I love my work.


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