Thursday, April 14, 2011

Complex Decision

Whew!  Is there any more complex purchase than an RV?  So much research required - including that into one's soul! 

This eBay rig looked like a likely prospect

2004 Forest River Lexington 235S GTS with 16 K miles
In fact, I was planning on driving to Atlanta tomorrow to see it and stopping at Camping World on the way to see their used rigs.  I even cancelled a meeting so I could leave town.  But now 1-2 inches of rain are forecast for the area and I'm pretty sure those Volkswagen claims about floating are unsubtantiated.  (This is a great excuse to show off my bug again so I will).

"Tell me about the 60's again, Dad" 
Back to the RV.  Love the price, miles, seller ratings, and floorplan.  I'm concerned about the quality though which is why I'm thinking I need to explore the Winnebago line-up.  There is a dealer a couple of hours away and 3 other dealers I have visited in the past along the same route.  (Anybody have any experience with the Lexington - direct or indirect ?).     

I got some sage advice from one of my full-timing cyberbuds - thanks Denise!!! - who advised me to think of this first motorhome as a "starter home".  There is a lot of wisdom in that, particularly considering my use will be. unfortunately, light until I retire.  And I haven't ruled out a Roadtrek yet either.  Availability is going to be a big factor. 

But I'm fortunate that I can buy now or 6 months from now.  So RV shopping continues to be my hobby.  But that's OK as I'm in a position now with school to take some weekends off and travel to dealers.

After my comprehensive oral exams and final stats final next week, I'll have some breathing room.



  1. Kim, I think it looks really nice - but of course I would. It's very similar to the RV I just bought. I LOVE mine - everything about it - except I don't have automatic mirrors, and I would really like to have those. This one also has a slide, which I didn't care about either way, but it gives you more room.

    I was a little concerned about Forest River, since I hadn't heard anything about them, the only MH I knew was really good was Winnebago. But Warren Buffet owns Forest River, and when I read that, I felt better about the quality. Since buying mine, I've heard from other women who have a Forest River rig, and they love theirs, too.

    I was also concerned about my RV's low mileage, because that is not always a good thing, but so far mine seems okay. I don't think we'll know until we've used them a while if we got a good deal or not. My fingers are crossed, but I am soooo happy I found the one I bought. I'm keeping some money in reserve in my "RV Fund" in case I have future issues.

    Can't wait to see what you do - Good Luck!! :)

  2. Yes, buying an RV is complex. At times I felt like pulling my hair out. It doesn't appear that you're wrestling with the Class A? or Class C? like I was, so that lessens the drama a bit...maybe. Good luck and it appears that you're on the right track for what you want.

    The dealer where I bought my View highly recommended Winnebago. When I mentioned that I'd been considering Roadtrek, he didn't have anything positive to say about it because of the lack of space. Way back when, the salesman and I both had vans called Get Away Vans. My husband and I used the refrigerator only and never camped in it. I was willing, he wasn't.

    For what it's worth, I'm really glad my View has a slide. I think it makes quite a difference.

  3. Hey Four Windows, I had a Get Away Van also !!

    Kimmer, I still think you might be passing up a good deal and RV here by letting this one go. I also think the Roadtrek is overrated and will feel very 'cramped' in no time !

  4. Kim: In response to your question about driving the View...not a problem. I love the visibility, in fact, it feels almost as high as a Class A and I like that. I do believe that the cab is up higher than most Class C's and that was a pleasant bonus. I know I could probably get over my fear of driving Class A's but why when I can step into my View without a single fear? I like the size, too, for getting around and I don't plan on towing anything because I think it'll work most places I want to go to. Based on my somewhat biased opinion, I think the View would be a good choice.



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