Monday, April 4, 2011

Link: Sisters on the Fly

I’m no cowgirl and I’m certainly no joiner, but I admire the spirit behind this group:  Sisters On the Fly.

Here’s an example of some of the members’ trailers.

1957 Fireball
1957 Jewell

1964 Papoose
1985 Scamp

Here’s the complete trailer gallery. All 66 pages.

The group's philosophy is compelling.  There are only 3 rules 1) no kids, 2) no men, 3) no dogs. They just want to not be responsible for anything or anybody else. They just want to fish.

What a wonderful time and place to be alive when you can express yourself in this manner!


  1. Guess that leaves Emma and me out! :)

  2. Hi Judy!

    I believe they make exceptions on some of their trips (at least they relax the rule about "no boys allowed").

  3. No dogs? I thought every RV was required to have a little dog or two. Do they allow cats?

    Love the paint jobs.

  4. Funny that you should come up with a post on trailers. I've been thinking maybe I need to get one small enough to haul an RV size washer/dryer and some excess stuff that won't fit in Olivia. I hate laundromats and what I'm thinking about would take care of that. I wonder how difficult it would be to install a washer/dryer in one with a few shelves????

  5. Me again. Thanks for telling me about the View/Navion website. I checked it out and have some ideas for increasing storage space inside Olivia. We can never have too much storage in our RVs.

  6. Boy, ya had me right up to "no dogs". Phooy.


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