Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inching Closer

Thinking seriously about this 2006 24H Winnebago View.  Though I will be 6 months ahead of schedule and way behind on savings.  On time and over budget. 

35 K Miles.  Clean, clean, clean!

My favorite floorplan

Anyone have experience with these Skinnie Winnies?  I'd love some input.  My research turns up nothin' but good stuff.  People rave about the Sprinter chassis and its resultant mileage.  The original owner has done a lot of upgrades.  It's the right size, right price, right mileage.  Unfortunately it is 8.5 hours away so I'll have to do some heavy-duty logistical planning if I decide to test-drive/buy. 

Speaking of research - I have a big announcement.  Drumroll ........................  I passed my oral comprehensive exam today!!!  I'm officially a PhD candidate.  I'm also officially RELIEVED!!!

Stay tuned, Winnebago-wise!


  1. Congratulations!!! I just bet you're relieved.

    If you go to this website you can find some info on the View. Linda and her husband fulltimed in a view before they got their present rig.

  2. Congratulations on passing the oral exam, and good luck with the Skinnie Winnie.

  3. As the mother of a PHD daughter I congratulate you on having gotten thru the orals! It's no small step!

  4. Wow...what an accomplishment... Congratulations!! You mentioned on my blog the similarities between us. Here's another one. While I wasn't a traveling nurse I was surrounded by them in the RV park I lived in in Tucson and learned all kinds of stuff. If I'd known about that years ago I might have done things differently.

    In my prejudiced opinion, I don't think you'll make a mistake with the View. When I was sitting in my View at the RV Show a couple came in to look at it, said they have one and they just love it.

    I love my floor plan and I just knew when I sat in it that it was the one.
    Good luck on your decision.

  5. Congratulations! You must be so proud, happy and excited!

    I don't have any input on the view, except that I have heard good thins about them. There is a forum, forum though

  6. Thanks one and all for your kind thoughts and support!

    Giantspeckledchihuahua, thanks for the forum link - I've actually been a member for a while and that's a primary reason I feel very good about my decision. Thanks, Judy, for the blog link. I'll check it out.

    OK, offer accepted by seller, car and hotel reservations made, financing arranged, insurance quoted. Whew! Glad I don't leave for a week so I can catch my breath!!!

  7. I bought mine earlier than expected, and over budget, too. But I felt I had to factor in the condition and that it was EXACTLY what I wanted. A friend said, "I'd challenge you to find one just like that in that condition from San Diego to Sacramento," and I think he was right.
    I've never heard anything bad about a Winnie, everything has been VERY good. If I could have found one in really good shape within my budget, I would have gotten one, too! :)

    Good luck!!!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on becoming an official PhD candidate! Such an accomplishment, you should be very proud of yourself!

    My verification word is impoup. :(

  8. OMGosh...you did it??? Congratulations!!! Now you have to wait a whole week? I can't wait to see your pictures.

  9. Skinnie Winnie !! LOL Oh I think that name is going to stick !! I'll be posting "So how's the Skinnie making out ??" or "Where are you and Skinnie now ??"

    So glad you've made your decision and now you can stop all that research. That's a big relief itself. But Kimmer - a week !! I'd never be able to hold out that long. I'd want to get in the car and go there tomorrow.

    Keep us posted. Exciting times ahead. You are so booked for Quartzsite next January.

    Oh, yes congrats on that major accomplishment re your PhD. Good work !

  10. Way to go...check out these blogs:




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