Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Savings Report

This will be a brief post.  March savings = nil, nada, not nuthin'.    

I was so looking forward to putting a couple thou in my undernourished RV fund.  But 2 things drained the bucket - paying our landscaper and having the 20-year-old Miata repainted - both expensive endeavors. 

April's not looking too good either - the annual golf cart fee and tuition will most likely eat up any surplus $.  Surely I can regain some traction in May!   

It's frustrating because I thought I was so focused on meeting this goal.  But maybe I'm not as much as I could be.  Hmmm .... I'll have to think about that one.

On the bright side, my oral comps are scheduled for 2 weeks from tomorrow.  And I finish up my coursework this month.  After that, I will officially be ABD (all but dissertation)!  So although my RV project has hit a temporary brick wall, I'm really making progress in school!  


  1. My savings have took a hit in March, too. And april is already sucking me dry. I definitely empathize!

  2. ABD-nuthin' to sneeze at! Let's face it, you're involved in a huge endeavor, I think it's understandable to be no so focused in other areas.

  3. Your doing pretty good even if it's slow at the moment.


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