Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Report

Pleasant Surprise!

I actually had some $ left over at the end of this month even after paying for more landscaping, annual golf cart fee, car insurance, and having the Miata painted.  So I'm happy to say my RV fund got an unexpected boost this month. 

fundraising ideas

Spent part of this afternoon test-driving tow vehicles in case I get a small travel trailer.  More about that later ....


  1. Travel Trailer??? I think they are a good idea, and would have saved me a lot of money if I'd gotten a small TT instead of a motor home and could have towed it with my Escape. But I wanted the security of not having to go outside to drive away if I didn't feel safe. It's all a trade-off. I don't want to tow a car behind the MH, so I won't have the convenience of a car to sight-see, etc. Maybe in the future I will, but not at first.

    Looking forward to seeing what your plan is. There are soooo may options it makes it difficult.

  2. Have you seen a teardrop? Smallest of options!

  3. Merikay,

    Love the teardrops! For other people, that is. But I must be able to 1)pee indoors and 2)stand up to get dressed. Plus it would be really hard to cook when it's raining. But they are adorable.

  4. I was beginning to give up hope that you'd ever post again !! I sense that you are pretty discouraged. Keep the faith girl - your RV is out there just waiting for you !!

    AND don't forget - Quartzsite in January !!

  5. Hey Kim, Just spotted this deal which I thought looked pretty good. Good deal for the money anyway.

    You could come buy it and stop by for a visit :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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