Monday, May 30, 2011

Tow Vehicle Shopping

Temps in the 90's, humidity > 50%, and no shade in sight.  Yuck!  These conditions made for a couple of very quick look-sees.  Then it was back indoors to the A/C. 

Is it me or do the summers get worse every year down here in the Deep South? 

And it's just May!!!

This one's too big!

2009 Suburban LT 1500 w/ 35K miles

this one's too expensive!

2010 Honda Pilot Touring w/23K miles


this one's ..... just right?

 2006 Toyota 4-Runner Sports Edition w/41K miles

Question: why are all the Ford F-150s in town 4-wheel-drive?  The only ones I've found that aren't are brand-new. 

We went to another used lot but nothing turned up there. 

Really it's going to come down to who has what in the Fall when I'm ready to buy.  I might return and test-drive the Toyota.  It's the V-8 version and reportedly does a fine job towing. 

Anybody out there with travel trailers have any recommendations?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Breaking 200!

Oh Happy Day -  my countdown clock counted down to 199 days till Graduation! 

Seems like it's been stuck at 200+ for a long time.  Although at my age, I should be willing the clock to slow down not speed up.   Having said that, I'm sure I'll be downright ecstatic to see the number get out of the triple digits!

Actually the countdown is arbitrary because I'll be through with school a couple of months before the Graduation ceremony - as soon as I do my final dissertation defense.  I hope this will take place in early-mid September but that would require that all goes perfectly as planned.  Hah!  Do I hear the gods laughing? 

After much research (and soul-searching) I'm fairly certain I'll be getting a small travel trailer so DH & I will be window shopping some tow vehicles again today.  We've been doing this about every other weekend lately just to see what's available in the used market. 

I'm thinking:


More about that later.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rolling Rescue

Just found this organization from a link provided by RVly Ever After

Rolling Rescue

"RollingRescue is a place for rescues needing transport and transport volunteers to find each other. Our mission is to recruit truckers, RVers, communters and anyone else who travels to the network that helps to move rescued animals to safety in a rescue or from a rescue to their new adoptive homes".

Spread the word!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Step

Actually, I'm still crawling and falling on my ass when I attempt to walk.  At least that's the way it seems sometimes. 


Well, here' s what I got in the mail today.  It wasn't in a plain brown wrapper but maybe it should have been.

I'll consider it a study guide and start doing the homework to learn the systems of la casa de wheels.  Yawn.  I know a lot of people just love to talk about holding tanks, inverters, and polarity testers, but well ... yawn. 

I've got time to learn this stuff.  If you'll turn to your right, you'll see the ticking clock that displays the many days, hours, and minutes to go before I'm untethered. 

Speaking of the clock, when it gets down to 199 days, that might feel like a milestone since the clock started ticking at about 425 days. 

On a related note, my research is going well - I'm still on track for December graduation. 

I'll post my savings progress soon ...