Monday, May 30, 2011

Tow Vehicle Shopping

Temps in the 90's, humidity > 50%, and no shade in sight.  Yuck!  These conditions made for a couple of very quick look-sees.  Then it was back indoors to the A/C. 

Is it me or do the summers get worse every year down here in the Deep South? 

And it's just May!!!

This one's too big!

2009 Suburban LT 1500 w/ 35K miles

this one's too expensive!

2010 Honda Pilot Touring w/23K miles


this one's ..... just right?

 2006 Toyota 4-Runner Sports Edition w/41K miles

Question: why are all the Ford F-150s in town 4-wheel-drive?  The only ones I've found that aren't are brand-new. 

We went to another used lot but nothing turned up there. 

Really it's going to come down to who has what in the Fall when I'm ready to buy.  I might return and test-drive the Toyota.  It's the V-8 version and reportedly does a fine job towing. 

Anybody out there with travel trailers have any recommendations?


  1. Keep looking Kimmer - the right one will come your way.

  2. What Sassy and Bennie said :). You have to be comfortable with your choice, from driving it, to the finance part (if that's in the plan). I'd been looking for the tow vehicle first for quite a bit, and on Friday, 5-27-2011, finally settled on the Toyota Tacoma Access Cab V6, 4x4 because it will tow the max that I want: 6300 lbs (I know that I will want to upgrade to a Trailmanor 2720SL after a few years with the Aliner (or Chalet) and at that point I don't want to buy another tow vehicle AND the Trailmanor. So, after test driving the Suzuki Equator (essentially the Nissan Frontier, it's made by Nissan for Suzuki - rides rougher than the Frontier), the GMC (I think) Canyon, and the Dodge Dakota (2011 is the last yr produced) - I bought the Tacoma.

    Take your time. Best time to buy is at the end of the month.

  3. Congratulations on going below 200 days until graduation. I see you're still thinking about what you want for an RV. I bet you'll know it when you see it and you won't have a single doubt when it happens. Kind of like when I found my View/Olivia.


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