Friday, June 3, 2011

Already Decorating!

Now I just need some walls! 

Because I've finally decided on the Casita, I purchased this signed print today:

"The Road Less Traveled"

The painting is the creation of talented artist Paige Bridges.  That link is to her eBay store. This is the link to her online studio that showcases her vintage trailer art and the stories behind them. 

She emailed me personally to inform me that my print was on the way (within an hour of ordering it!).  I thanked her and told her I looked forward to hanging it in pride of place in the Casita when I pick it up in January.  She asked me why I had to wait so long and remarked how patient I  must be!  I assured her that I am not really patient, but the factory has a 6-month waiting list and I'm just all kinds of committed through mid- December. 

I love the painting.  As a certified vintage travel trailer nut, I like all her work.  It was hard to pick just one!

One tip I've picked up is that Casita owners mount objects d'art on the carpeted walls using old-fashioned drapery hooks.  A very effective solution. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Casita interior, the walls are covered in carpet.  It's prettier than it sounds and helps gives the trailers a cozy feel.

Like this!


  1. January! Well, the days and weeks will pass and January will come. Till then you can make plans and travel maps.

  2. Kimmer, Things are coming together. I wouldn't be able to contain myself !! You are indeed patient ! Can't wait to meet up in Quartzsite !!

  3. You could also get the book by M. Scott Beck that shares the title of the print you're getting. Are you going to get a car like the one in the print? Wouldn't that be a hoot. Congratulations on figuring out which RV is right for you. With a six-month waiting list those Casita's must be really popular.


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