Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogger Comments Bug

For the last week or so, when I try to leave comments on Google blogs, I'm endlessly asked to sign in.  I do so, but it never "takes".

Sometimes I can post as "anonymous" but I prefer not to.  Sometimes it will take my name and URL. 

So for all of you whose blogs I follow, I still am!  I'm just unwillingly silent these days. 

Anybody else having this problem?  (Of course if you are, you might not be able to tell me).


  1. Yep, it's all over the place.

    I got around part of the problem by changing my option to "pop-up page." My page wasn't accepting comments of any kind.

    I have a question: when you try to comment on my blog, does it ask you for word verification?


  2. Welcome to my blogger hell! It's been going on three weeks now. I comment anonymously with a signature or use a live journal ID (when blogs don't allow an anonymous comment) I could have sworn I sent you an email through WGS with a signature (for you) and instructions...

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. Did I miss something??? Did you order your Casita? I keep missing things, but I assume you did since you are already getting things to decorate it. If so, Congratulations! I'd think that waiting until January will be good - it's ordered and now you don't have to worry about anything, and it will be ready when you are. That sounds like a good plan. I want more info. :)

  4. OOPS, never mind. I see - you just need the walls now. I went back to the last post - love the print - and see that you are getting ready. At least you've made up your mind about the Casita. I'll still give you the congratulations for deciding that. :)

  5. Ducky - no just posted on your site and there is no word verification required. I wonder if that's the glitchy part for other blogs?

    Katie and Mom - it's hard not to buy stuff! I think I'm showing great restraint. I have quite a shopping list now but want to wait until it's official (i.e. ordered with money down).

  6. I had trouble all morning trying to post comments. I kept starting over and over until I finally got it to take. I would get to the word verification screen and that would take me to a "can not find that page" screen. It's always something with Blogger.

  7. I've been having the same problem on different computers. Some ask me to sign in, some don't. Glad to know I'm not the only one, and hope they fix it soon!


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