Thursday, June 9, 2011

Name That Trailer!

The Hatchery in Rice, TX
Thanks to Arizona Eileen at the Casita Travel Trailer Forum for compiling this list of trailer names submitted by their owners.

This is just a partial list - the most eggscellent ones that crack me up.


Cassie Blanca

Cram-A-Lot Inn

Free Range Egg


Loco Poco Huevo


Mama Cass

Motel One

Casita Bonita

No Yolk


Snuggy Buggy


The Oval Office


I’ve never named an inanimate object before but .... 

How about I-Pod?

I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Those names are great! I don't have a suggestion, I had enough trouble naming The Palms, and it's full of palm decor. You're clever with words, though, I'll bet you come up with something good. :)

  2. Perhaps "MyPod" would be a version of that?

  3. I love Hobbitat, but how about Hobbipod.

    I doubt we will ever have a rig, but the other night I dreamed of calling our large class A "Sir Rigby."

  4. I'm not much for naming trailers. But if I ever had a Casita, which I probably won't, I always thought I'd just emblazon across the rear the simple message: "I came first!"

    Bob G.

  5. Did you come up with the name The Hatchery??? I love it. I'm sorry but I'm drawing a blank on a name. When Olivia popped into my head I knew it was right for my motorhome. Maybe that'll happen to you, too.

  6. I'm surprised not to have seen "Humpty" on the list. As the egg ages, you can easily change the name to "Dumpty" when it seems appropriate.

    Bob, going for the obvious.

  7. LOL - great suggestions all!

    No, "the hatchery" is not my creation. It's a great name for an egg factory though.

    How about a decal that reads "this is your brain before the drugs"? But you'd have to be over 50 to get it.

    New Yoke State of Mind?

    Yoko Uno?


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