Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things 'N Stuff

First I’m just thrilled to have so many supportive followers – and some new folks have checked in too. JerryC, his wife, and dog Sally have a wonderful blog about their Casita travels. They are living my kind of retirement i.e. currently traveling up the west coast, stopping at wineries, and pounding down the crabmeat. Heaven! (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually witnessed their eating styles. Admittedly, I’m projecting because that’s how I would do it).

OK. Now that the trailer is ordered, I can turn my attention to the fun stuff – trip planning! And shopping!

Actually, I’m not much for shopping. Browsing can be amusing though. But contemplating the future décor of my cute ‘little house’ is just plain fun. But as rvsue said on her blog, it’s hard to outfit a trailer you don’t yet possess.

Penny Wise

However, this sudden flurry of shopping activity has awakened the ill-tempered little miser who lives inside me and likes to yell. I'm pretty sure the accent is Scottish. The little skin-flint that, oddly enough, lets me spend thousands for a trailer and tow vehicle yet balks at buying a collapsible colander for $14.99.


I’ve got several lists. One contains things I need to take to Rice when I go to pick-up the trailer. Must-haves such as wheel chocks, an inverter, and a corkscrew. Another lists items that can wait till I get back like placemats and a portable grill. The third list, which I carry at all times, has items I am likely to see on the shelf but forget that I need e.g. a small whistling teapot, a can opener, a teeny tiny blow dryer, and decent cocktail shaker. (I may forget to take my hormone pills before dinner but I have never once forgotten to make a Manhattan).

I went to 3 stores and 1 thrift shop today and didn’t come home with a single thing.  Because now I’m thinking – wait - I have a good cocktail shaker. Do I really need a hair dryer just for the trailer? If I don’t duplicate, will I forget stuff? Stuff I really need? Is that even a consideration with a Wal-Mart at every exit?

The Casita appeals to me for the same reason I always liked backpacking and why I live in a 1400 sq. ft. home – it forces one to strip down to the essentials.  Simplicity.  So I'll probably stay minimalist for now. 

Oh well, back to the trip-planning.

Now there’s a satisfying - and cheap! – endeavor.


  1. Yes, with a Walmart, Kmart, Target, Costco, or Sam's club always at hand, you can wait to buy what you need, when you are sure it is not just extra clutter.

    I desperately need a new salad spinner, so last fall I pointed out the collapsable model to my daughter and whispered "Christmas." It is now in my cabinet. No collapsed, but perhaps someday it will be.

    What I really covet is a set of nesting post and pans with removable handles. Barbara, of Me and My Dg just bought some and they look very functional. I remember the pans I took along on our rented RV trip took up way to much room.

  2. Funny you should mention a salad spinner! I found one today - not for the trailer and not on my list but for the house. I talked myself out of that too for several reasons: 1) we've gotten along fine for almost 30 years without one and 2) due to a lack of cabinet space, I'd have to get rid of something else and 3) I've got a trailer to furnish! NOW if it had been collapsable ....

    The nesting pots are neat but I prefer just a 4 quart pot and 8" cast iron skillet. (They sorta nest).

  3. I know how horrible it is to wait for your new egg to hatch, & to think (worry, fantasize, envision, dream, etc) about the items you want to have for it. We've done lots of mods & bought most all the 'stuff' over the years that we want for our egg. I've tried to document all the items we use & mods we've made on my blog at Maybe you'll read something you hadn't thought about doing or getting. AND. . .hopefully you think of something we can do better.

  4. Hi Glenda! I've been enjoying your blog as well, as you settle in to full-timing/work-camping in your Casita. I see that your wish- list for mods includes a light switch on the outside of the bathroom.

    I saw that mod on the Casita Club forum as I was going through the archives: I think it's from 2010 but you may find it with a search or ask the question anew. (You probably know all this already).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love your priorities Kimmer !! A cork screw....hysterical !

  6. I came over to say a cocktail shaker? blow dryer? but I see Sassy beat me to it. Bennie probably EGGed her on. But, travel as fancy as suits your style! You don't want to settle for some stirred drink - pfft!

    I am very thrifty, too, and I understand your reluctance. I ordered a pair of shoes yesterday and all the blood rushed to my wallet.

    The Good Luck Duck


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