Friday, June 17, 2011

Trailer On Order!

Need I say it? I’m pretty excited.

I finished up a crucial step in my dissertation today. Afterwards, I went to my office, shut my door, and dialed the Casita factory. Carla, the salesperson, was just great. She said they just sold the last of the 2011 models and mine would be a 2012. There was a minimal base price increase of about $480. The price for options increased a tad as well but I still feel the price is fair considering both the quality and longevity of these great fiberglass eggs.

A few months ago, once I decided to go with the Casita, I went back-and-forth on new versus used.  The problem buying used is that 1) they really hold their value so there’s not much discount for a several year-old model 2) they are usually farther away than I can get to right now and, 3) you have to move fast and almost buy sight-unseen as the demand for used units is high.

Oh and, 4) I don’t have a tow vehicle yet.  Is that putting the cart before the horse or what?  But I have plenty of time to get a TV – about 6 months in fact because that’s how long the wait-list is for the factory.

So, new it is. And I’m pleased.  We always buy used cars and existing homes etc…  Most of my wardrobe comes from consignment or thrift shops.  We reduce, reuse, recycle.  We even have a used dog!

But I must admit it will be so nice to have a brand new trailer.  Fresh new cushions, new flooring, new appliances, new toilet (OK, I’ll stop now).  A warranty!!!  And I can justify the cost – this is my big splurge for getting through school.  I have other, back-up rationalizations too just in case I need them.

Six?  People?  Really?


  1. So excited for you you! Congratulations....

  2. Hurray! It's Egg-sactly what the PhD ordered.


  3. We made a big step forward tonight. Craig agreed that it would be a good idea to buy an RV for "any timing" I know just what I want. Now I have to find one! He retires in December.

    Maybe we will meet somewhere in the middle of the country!

  4. One big advantage of taking delivery in the winter is the several months you will have to make various mods/adaptations in a leisurely manner at home before you take off on the road for the summer. :o)

    It's just easier to perfect your home while you are not actually living in it...

  5. That is very exciting for you. Congratulations!

  6. Kim, I am so happy for you!

    Just like you've said before . .. we are so much alike. I ordered my Casita without having a tow vehicle yet. I have always bought used all my life (cars, houses, clothes, stuff, dogs, etc.), but my egg? NEW! And for all the same reasons you wrote about. And like you, if I could, I'd be decorating it right now.




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