Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's All My Fault(line)

Patience Update: I looked in on my old friend today – the countdown clock.  In about 6 weeks I’ll be in double-digits! Tempus fugit, dude!

 List Update: You know the one – the list of all the stuff you gotta have in order to travel in an RV.  Before anyone warns me not to buy too much – I know.  I’m the first minimalist I ever met.  I would be a card-carrying member of the simplicity club but membership cards clutter up the wallet (which is what I carry instead of a purse because a purse leads to more stuff).  

 I’m shopping deliberately using my carefully-considered list.  A cocktail shaker here, a can opener there.  Today, for example, I bought a paring knife.  I’ve given it some thought and feel that one knife ought to be sufficient on the road.  I use one paring knife for almost all cutting and slicing chores at home. 

 Dissertation Update: I’ve submitted one of the last chapters to my committee and have been waiting to hear the verdict.  I’m sure there will be revisions; of course I hope they will be minor ones.  I finished the last chapter this past weekend but I won’t submit it until the other one comes back.  There is no doubt that the closer I get to my goal, the more intense the pressure. 

Stress Update: Do you ever feel like your cranium is sitting atop tectonic plates?  That your left temporal lobe is California?  These past 2 weeks have been the one-day-at-a-time variety requiring deep breathing, sound judgment, and perspective. 

My tendency to be distracted has improved but my fingers are still seizing up at the keyboard.  When I sit down to write, I have to do a concert-pianist warm up.  I call it the QWERTY scale.   

Talk to you soon. 


  1. It's nice to have a timeline. I bought a plastic garlic keeper the other day. It is in my dresser drawer. I have a heavy stoneware one in my kitchen. Big splurge. $2.98!

  2. Just make sure you carry a knife sharpener! :)

  3. My niece just finished day two of her bar exams to become a real life lawyer and the tail end of your post reminded me of her so much...she has worked so hard for it! Now she has to wait two months before she knows the results!...think positive!

  4. Just found your blog....I am also a NP, just put in an order for spring pick-up of a Taylor Coach Bobbie (about 1400#), will be towing with my 4 cyl. truck, now have to sell my Little Guy 4-wide teardrop.....being able to tow with 4 cyl. vehicle was important, just from a gas-frugality (haha) point of view....still working, so for a few years this will be a vacation camping, versus long trip rig.

  5. I also just found your blog on RVBuddies. Good luck to you.
    I have a 23' Spirit Class C I am thinking of selling to buy a van instead to keep costs down.

  6. good idea to keep things as simple as possible! i'm exactly the opposite, which is why i fear full-timing in general :) but it looks like you're well on your way!

  7. I thought about you recently when I was at an arts and crafts fair. I found a painting with a small trailer in it and grabbed a card so I could tell you the author's name. She takes off periodically in her Airstream trailer to get ideas for her pictures. The trailers she paints are similar in size to what you're getting. Her website is

    Good luck on your last two chapters!!! I think taking a semester off is an excellent idea. That way you can recover and pull yourself back together and decide what you really want to do. Maybe the road will win.


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