Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Prep: Learning to Grill

It's here!  My Coleman Go-Anywhere Gas Grill. 

It all folds up into a portable, light-weight, managable size.  It will never look this pristine again.  Good!

We used it last night to make cheeseburgers and it was a very simple operation - just what I'm looking for.

John does all the grilling in the family and his favorite medium is charcoal. I think the propane option makes more sense on the road though because there is no need to haul around charcoal and lighter fluid. The quick set-up, start-up, and take-down also appeals to me. 




I'll continue to practice over the next few months.  I'll use it for simple meals on the road -a grilled entree alongside a grilled vegetable should do nicely weather permitting.  Add the right wine, a hunk of bread, and that certain appetite that only the outdoors provides.  Contentment ensues.    

The results were tasty but I'm eager to practice some more.

Dissertation update:  the whole enchilada is with the formatter who I will gladly pay to get it right much faster than I ever could.  After one more review, it goes to the graduate school.  Then to an outside reader.  More edits.  Then, the ultimate prize - a defense date! 

I'll close with this head shot of Doris the Exploress.

A rear view only a mother could love!


  1. Nice little bbq - just the right size. Those burgers look delicious!

    I haven't gotten one yet - I never used the one at home, so I figure I wouldn't use one on the road,either. Wish I liked to bbq, no other way you can get that great taste. Maybe it's in my future.

  2. I have ended up throwing away my last two little grills. I just got too frustrated with them. I sure hope you have better luck than I did. :)

  3. I have my eye on a Weber Q. I'm hoping my daughter will buy me one for Christmas if I don't get one before then. Her husband has one for tail gating so I asked him his opinion about it last time I was there. He considers himself a BBQ master. I knew that's what I wanted before I asked, but he was so enthusiastic in giving me a recommendation I think I made his day by asking his advice.

    He's a University Professor, I'm sure you know how opinionated they can be :~)

  4. Merikay: LOL!!! I'll have you know I am not at all opinionated and that's a fact!

    Actually, the Weber Q 100 was my original choice based on my research. People who use them are extremely satisfied. But, when the time came, I couldn't justify that it costs twice that of the Go-Anywhere. It weighs a lot more too. So since I'll be using it alone and on such a limited basis, the cooler head prevailed.

  5. Well, if you make a wrong turn, you can always say it was under Doress.


  6. You made the right choice. Lots of camp grounds do not allow charcole fires any more due to fires. I have 2 of those grills, 1 in my mh and 1 one up here at the Tin Can Cabin, love them.

  7. We have the Weber Q and really enjoy it when traveling. I like your Coleman grill and it looks like it did a yummy job with that lunch!! We don't ever mess with charcoal when traveling...just too messy and JoJo is right in that many campgrounds do not allow the charcoal grills during droughts.
    You will enjoy it I am sure...Coleman is a great product.

    Good luck with the dissertation!!


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