Sunday, August 21, 2011

Memory Lane

Well, since I'm not traveling now - unless you count looking for a parking space at work - I thought I'd share some old photos.  These pics chronicle my journey from tent camping to RV trips to car/hotel travel.

At this point in my evolution, I want to hike, birdwatch, stargaze, sleep in my own bed, eat my own food, and drink my own wine.  That's not too much to ask is it?       

Land Between the Lakes, KY - en route to Minot, ND 
This was the trip of a lifetime!  I tent camped my way from AL to ND (and back) in order to meet up with my old chum - Sharon.  She and I became friends in first grade.  The best we can figure, since I don't remember not knowing her, is that we were in alphabetical order and she sat directly behind me.  We also lived right down the street from each other. 

Sharon and I lost touch when my dad retired from the Air Force in 1969.  But we found each other online in 2001 (32 years later!) and met up in Minot to spend 3 days touring our old neighborhood on base.  We had a blast!   And laughed just as much as ever - maybe more than in 2nd grade.  Only this time, instead of milk, she made beer come outta my nose!

Just a few weeks after our trip was over, 9/11 happened.  I'm so grateful we were able to revisit the base when we did.  We wouldn't have gotten another chance to do so for years to come, as it turned out. 

Desoto State Park, AL - Mother's Day 2002

Same tent as in the previous photo.  I still have that 8x8 Coleman - a great little shelter.  You can see John peeking out from behind it.  I wonder what he was cooking? 

Lakepoint State Park, AL - Summer 2002

This was a trip we took with my brother-in-law Vic and niece Lily.  The boys slept in the tent.  See Sparkle and Ellie in the middle looking for truffles.  They've been gone for 4 years now.  We sure miss 'em!

Leaaving for Lake Martin, AL - date unknown.  Judging by the foilage, I'd say it was Fall. 
Winter camping en la casita - Cheaha State Park

That's me after scarfing down a breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  Pure happiness!

(Sorry about the picture quality.  All of these were taken before I joined the digital revolution).

In 2003, it was back to the solo car-and-hotel mode of travel.  Hotels have their advantages, but lugging one's stuff from car to room (and back again) is not one of them.

The above photo was taken at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Outer Banks, NC.  I was there in December which explains the winter coat.  And the fact that I was the only guest in the entire hotel!  

Then I worked 3 travel nurse jobs over a 3-year period that took me from CA (2004), CO (2005) and New York City (2006).   A great way to travel and really get to know a place.  In 2007, I took the faculty job and then became a student myself in 2009.  Thus my traveling days came to a sudden painful grinding halt. 

I need to fix that! 



  1. Interesting! It's really fun looking back - that's how we can tell how far we've REALLY come. You've come a long way. :)

  2. A nice look back on your timeline of travel. A very nice transition.
    We've gone from tent camping, trailer camping, small A to 40ft. DP. Now we want to return to actual "camping" and look forward to purchasing an ALiner or Casita.
    Isn't it fun to meet up with old friends and giggle again together???

  3. Except for the beer through the nose stuff, Happytrails. :)

  4. My fiance has a 29' bunkhouse with slide...before that we did ten camping then popup. When I was married before...we did the same...tent, popup, then 29' trailer. I have more vacation time than my fiance and really just want to travel solo some...that's my reason for wanting my own Casita!!! Kim, how long did the factory tell you it would take from beginning to end to manufacture your Casita? We used to have a place growing up at Lake Martin...beautiful lake! Do you live in Alabama now? Can't remember... Enjoyed your traveling photos and stories! Until later....

  5. patticake2: yes, we are in Auburn. My family lived in B'ham from 6th grade thru high school.

    The factory wait time back in the Spring was "5 to 6 months". I ordered in June for a December pick-up.

    Keep me updated on your Casita quest.

    Glad you enjoy the photos etc .... thanks for stopping by!

  6. You sure have come a long way.
    I too did the tent, lounge chair under the stars, open pickup, regular truck shell, truck camper, tt, 5er,Chalet and now 23ft mh.And now traveling solo.
    Good luck and enjoy it all.

  7. Loved the Land Between the Lakes area. Was experiencing some bad flooding when I was there and they had to move me twice, but it was an enjoyable stay. I hope the time goes by fast for you.


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