Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why a Casita: Part 1

Who knew?  I’m a bit surprised that others, like me, enjoy hearing about the decision-making that determines an RV choice.  So, upon request, I’ll list my reasons for choosing a Casita. 

Frankly, I’ve been reluctant to do so before now because I don‘t want to imply that my choice is the best choice and that anyone who doesn’t want a small fiberglass trailer is either uninformed or misguided in some way.  I support both intellectual diversity and recreational vehicle diversity!

Size - Weight - Appearance

The Casita has a sleek, compact exterior design at only 17’ long, 8’11” tall and 6’8” wide.  The relatively narrow width eliminates the need for side extension mirrors.  These dimensions also mean that the trailer can go where most others cannot.  It also means that the trailer is about as maneuverable as a towable can be.  I also love the shiny eggshell and the minimalist exterior graphics.  And, yes, I must use the “c-word”.................................

CUTE !!!!!
The trailer is small enough for one but large enough for two.  Though the living area is only 7'x14’, the interior is well-designed with no wasted space.  I will be traveling alone mostly but on occasion (at least I hope) my husband will come along.  And, of course, Doris the Exploress. 

The small package has everything I need: kitchen, dining room, bath, permanent bed.  I’m a minimalist and have always enjoyed the challenge of traveling light.  I’m pretty good at it.  Our previous Casita was a 16-footer and we never maxed out the storage space. 

Speaking of small packages ...

 The published dry weight for this model is 2,480 pounds.  Owners of the 17’ models report typical loaded weights of 3,200 pounds.  This relatively light weight translates to better mileage both because 1) the tow vehicle engine can be smaller and thus more fuel efficient and 2) there is just less weight to pull.  Many owners come to Casitas because they want something that their existing everyday driver can pull with ease.    

The interior design also appeals to me with sleek, clean lines and surfaces that beg to remain clutter-free.  But if one should choose to spiff up the décor, the interior is a blank canvas on which to do so.  The trailers are unique inside and out and they don’t look like anything else on the road.   Although that particular trait could be a double-edged sword if you get too many curious visitors when you’re not in loner mode and not in the mood to entertain.          

I’ll post some more reasons for living la Casita vida in the next installment.     

[Update 2015: years after posting this, it's obvious I did not get a Casita. I found the lean mean road machine of my dreams and decided I would rather not tow after all. However, I stand by my admiring assessment of these wonderful fiberglass eggs.]



  1. I'm surprised at the height because looking at a picture they don't look very tall. I don't think I've ever seen them except in a picture so that's probably why my faulty information. I was also thinking you'd be stooped over inside and I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to do that. Good information.

  2. Oh...I just love all this good info on the Casita...I'm glad to hear that most average loaded weight (if I understand you correctly) is around 3200lbs. I have a Class III hitch on my V-6 2004 Ford Escape that I hope to use to tow with in a couple of years until I might need something bigger. Isn't the inside height of the 17SD about 6'2''? Not a biggie for me either way cause I'm just 5'2"...but I do think the extra height in the 16SD vs 17SD is good for resale value. Did you sell your 1st Casita due to any issues?

  3. pattiecake2: glad you found the info helpful. The interior height is 1/2 inch short of 6'2". I'm 5'10" but was also comfortable in the 16-footer as was DH who is 6 ft.

    I lost my job and thought my traveling days were over. Which turned out to be true for a while. But, no, the first Casita was wonderful and I was going to get the very same trailer - only new - but the larger fridge, screen door, overhead A/C, and huge back window of the 17' were all attractive features.

  4. I really enjoyed your reasons for getting a casita. My husband and I are picking ours up in about 2 weeks and I am so excited. It is our first RV and we hope to have many adventures like you! We also have a canine travel team too, like your little Doris.

  5. Buying a much smaller Casita - 13' to 14' - hoping it will be nice. I saw the larger one yesterday and was pleased with it. My only problem is finding a small low miles per gallon car or SUV that will pull it.

  6. Great post, Kim. Always love to hear good things about Casitas!

  7. I like your page and your thoughts on the Casita. I'd like to know what tow vehicles you've seen with these.


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