Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why a Casita: Part 2

One afternoon, DH and I were RV shopping.  We looked at Class A diesel pushers and a teardrop.  And everything in between.  As we were driving home, I asked John “Why can’t I stop thinking about Casitas?”  He replied, “Because that’s what you really want”. 

Wise man.   

And a GREAT cook !!!

Following are some additional reasons why a Casita is what I really wanted after all. 

As I’ve stated before, Casitas hold their values for good reason.  Many satisfied owners will tell you these are well-built trailers.  If you’ve never seen one in person, check out how good the fit and finish can be in a quality-built trailer.  The fiberglass shell eliminates leaks, rot, and rust.  The longevity factor is important to me and, should it become unimportant, resale value is good (for an RV anyway).

Customer Service
The family-owned factory has been in business for 28 years and they seem to really like their customers.  For example, when you call, a real person answers the phone.  I’d forgotten what that is like!  I also like earning $200 every time someone views my trailer and buys a new one.  That only happened to me once, but I plan to be more aggressive about referrals when I get my 2012.  I'm sure I can “sell” quite a few during football season.     

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Auburn VS Georgia, 2010.  We won that one.  And all the others. 

Casitas are reasonably priced.  The pricetag ($14K for the smallest unit) is higher than conventional trailers of comparable size but much less than, say, the smallest Airstream.  Casita Enterprises is able to keep costs reasonable by eschewing a dealer network and declining to customize the units (two factors that turn some prospective buyers away).   

There are tradeoffs with everything in life but the Casita seems to do most things well.  It’s good for camping with hookups, without hookups, or just plain road-tripping i.e. getting to a destination quickly.  I like the idea of unhitching and exploring an area in a car but also the idea of not unhitching and over-nighting in a parking lot.  

The Casita-owner network is impressive.  There are 2 very active Casita forums and yet another for all brands of fiberglass trailers (see below if you are interested).  I can post a question and, before the hour is up, have several responses. While certainly not a major factor in my decision to buy, I like knowing I’m never going to work without a net.

These trailers aren’t for everyone.  The single biggest drawback for most people is the small size.  The difference between feeling claustrophobic and snug.    

Here's some links:

Casita Forum         Casita Club         Fiberglassrv

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