Sunday, September 4, 2011

Road Prep: The Hormel Bacon Edition

I got the idea for trying this product from the FiberglassRV forum.  It sounded like a great solution for on-the-road quick bacon with minimal clean-up.  It also sounded too good to be true.  There are 4 slices per plastic-wrapped package that you place in the microwave.  Then press the button just like Jane Jetson. 

We tried it this afternoon with BLTs.  Sorry, no photos - they went quick.  I don't think there is a shutter speed fast enough to have captured it. 

The end result was indeed quick, yummy, and surprisingly crispy.  Bonus: clean-up was non-existent.  Try that with your standard cast-iron-skillet approach.  With shore power, I'm set for the kind of hearty breakfast I love (indoors or out).

In other news, the Weber gas grill experiment continues. 

In my earlier post, I neglected to show how compactly the grill folds up for travel

Friday night I fired the Go-Anywhere up and cooked up some 1" thick pork chops (with Grillmaster John close at hand of course).  Getting the timing right was tricky but I think that's just the art and nature of successful grilling.  We both agree, however, that charcoal wins the taste category outright.  However, propane takes the blue ribbon for convenience

I have a whole new respect for food photographers.  This dish may not look very appetizing as photographed but you're just going to have to trust me - it was fabulous!  BTW, we really like Bogle Zinfandel with grilled pork.  And it's sensational with bar-b-que anything.  The price is right too at about $11 or $12 a bottle. 

Chop, french bread, and John's most excellent risotto

Speaking of food, today John is trying out his new triple-loaf baguette pan from King Arthur Flour.  He is experimenting to find the best size and shape.  I'd say it's a successful start to a long and satisfying relationship.  And we haven't even bitten through that golden crunchy crust yet!

Must dash, it's cocktail hour. 

Happy Labor Day everyone! 


  1. OK, send me a baguette and I'll give you a culinary review. :)

  2. Is risotto as hard to cook as they make it seem on Hell's Kitchen? Someone keeps screwing up the risotto and it gets thrown away again and again. I think that John's looks wonderful and I'm hungry again even though I've already had dinner.

  3. I thought it was an intimidating prospect too. What with the constant stirring and the tendency for the rice to be either too firm or too mushy. But John was completely undaunted and he nailed it first time out. I still wouldn't want to attempt it - too much work and too much risk for failure!

  4. I have also used the Hormel bacon, my only issue is the price...It can get expensive for the amount of bacon you get... If I am cooking bacon from the raw, I usually put down wax paper, then paper towels, cover with a paper towel, and then wax paper,and depending on the microwave, you will have cooked bacon in about five minutes. (I usually cook it on high in my microwave)
    The other thing you can do is buy pre-cooked bacon. Costco has the best price for this (not sure if the other clubs carry it) It's hormel pre-cooked bacon. Comes 48 to 50 in a bag. I usually pull out the amount I want toss on a paper towl, cover with another and put it in the micro for a few seconds. I like this because sometimes I only want a piece of two for a sandwich, this way I don't have to cook up a whole package. Also freezes well. On camping trips I just toss the pre-cooked bacon on the grill. It's great...

    The bread looks wonderful!

  5. Love the bacon tip!! We love bacon but I hate the clean up after. We will definitely try some of the Hormel for the microwave!!
    Looks like the grill is doing a great job!! :-)

  6. Now I'm hungry! Grillng is great! Thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving comments the past month while we were on our North Carolina Odyssey. It was great to stay in touch though I wasn't doing much blog reading.


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