Friday, September 30, 2011

Up In The Air

Quick post as life is coming at me pretty rapidly here.  I have a defense date: October 15 at 2 PM – two short weeks from today!!! 

RV news:  we took a day off yesterday and drove over 2 hours to the nearest Camping World.  Time precludes me from writing much more than to say “WOW”!!!  I’ve never been to CW before and had a fabulous time running from model to model inside and out.  In fact, I was so busy window shopping the rigs I didn’t buy one thing on my list.  But I learned a lot yesterday. 

Prior to visiting CW, we checked out a 2007 Casitafor for sale by a consignment dealer.  It was the same model as I have ordered, good condition, & reasonably priced.  However, it doesn’t have a furnace, outside shower, or high-lift axle.  Also the owners had done some mods I didn’t care for – the worst of which was replacing the mini-blinds with dark green blackout curtains that roll back in a way that, at best, cuts out about 60% of the window views.  Not a good move in such a small space. Yes, I could fix that, but decided ultimately I don’t want to. 

I’m also having trouble shopping for a tow vehicle and it’s not all due to time issues.  The TV would be used only for towing as we both have cars that we love and want to drive till they take our licenses away.  Who knew that it’s NO FUN shopping for a car you don’t really want. 

At CW, I looked at a 2007 B+ (the very RV I started out wanting in the floor plan I adore – rear kitchen).  The Holiday Rambler Augusta was a really clean unit reasonably priced and would be perfect for 1 and sometimes 2.  It is pretty much perfect.  I probably would have made an offer on it except for one insurmountable issue – the only bed (a jackknife sofa) is a measly 68” long.  That size will just fit someone 5’8”.  And even then it would be a squeeze.  We calculated you would have to be 5’6” to be able to stretch out to sleep.  What were the designers thinking?  The dinette bed had the same dimensions.  I’m 5’10”, John is 6’0.  Sigh.    

2007 Holiday Rambler Augusta 235S with 21,000 miles

The Microscopic Sofa/Bed

So the RV search continues to evolve.  No one is more surprised than I am as I thought it was all settled with the Casita.  I'm not usually this indecisive.  But it's a bit of a relief to know that I don’t have to rush to leave for the Casita factory the day after graduation and make the long trek home by myself as I take that crash course in towing/hitching/backing etc…

Anyway, there is a lot going on right now and I’ll have to rethink all my travel plans.  But not for a couple of weeks. 


  1. I'm confused - why are you looking for an RV? I thought you were going to pick up the Casita in January. Maybe I'm misunderstanding today's post. There is a Casita here in the park where I'm staying - I always notice them now because of you and rv Sue and her canine crew.

    The Palms is only 24 feet long and I have a 78 foot pull out couch - easy peasy to pull out and very comfortable. It can easily sit three adults.

    So, what's up with the Casita? :)

    Good luck on October 15th!!!

  2. I'm guessing that you are changing your mind about a Casita? If so, take your time & get exactly what you want then! I'm also guessing that the Augusta doesn't have an overhead bed, but an entertainment center instead? It's getting harder to find the overhead beds in the newer rigs! I'd prefer to have the bed & mount the TV elsewhere. Good luck, I hope all works out well for you. Make a few more trips to RV places like CW to get a better idea of what you really want. And next time, don't forget your supplies too! ;-)))

  3. Since you don't have the Casita sitting in your driveway right now, I assume there is some cancellation flexability in your contract. That's reasonable.

    I think it's quite rational to still look at other RVs. You may not be wanting to go far, or go out of your way to do so, but in the long run it will either save you from making the wrong purchase or reaffirm your decision.

    As we were pulling out of the dealers parking lot after buying the Alfa (not picking it up, just giving them a $20,000 deposit,) Craig said "lets go to Gilroy and look to see what they have!

    We didn't, but only because it was already late in the day.

    Good luck on your defense. I'm sure it will go well.

  4. "who knew that it’s NO FUN shopping for a car you don’t really want."

    I'm sure you have thought of this, but purchase a good used 1/2 ton truck for a TV. There will be hundreds of other uses for it, also. Since you have apparently put your Casita order on hold, I think I would wait until the other pressures of life eased off a little and then start my search anew. Good luck on all the things you have on your plate at the present time......jc

  5. Looking at RVs is a good diversion to get your mind off of October 15th... as well as lots of fun. I remember what my Major Professor told me when I was preparing for the defense. He said not to be nervous because no one knows your research better than you do. And he was right. I could talk circles around any question they asked. I defended my research successfully because I knew my research inside out. You'll do just fine.

  6. I find looking at RV's a blast. I have a 23' motor home and I took the over head bed out. I sure wasn't going to climb up there. And I used it to add storage, and mount my TV since there really wasn't any place else. I have a corner bed that I really hate but thats what it had. I turned the dinette into a couch and it has a small club chair on the other side. I am giving thought to selling it this winter and just buying a large van and turning it into a camper.
    Best wishes to you on Oct.15 you will do fine.

  7. Well, I guess I am with the others. Didn't know you were "thinking" about something other than the Casita. I do agree with Jerry...your plate is pretty full right now so waiting might be a good idea.
    Wishing you the best on October 15th! I am sure you will do great.

  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and good wishes. I guess my post lacked clarity. I am reconsidering the Casita/travel trailer idea. I'm happy to do so for a lot of reasons the best of which is this me more time than my previous plan. Now I can decide/act at my leisure without feeling rushed.

    I hope this comment makes it - I may have to appear as "anonymous". Grrrr .... Blogger.

  9. grr. is right..I have to go back to the dashboard and use the reader to post comments. I need to go back and catch up..I thought the Casita was a done back in a bit.

  10. I can't post on your blog through blogger, I have to sign on as anonymous. Having this problem on several folks blogs. Any ideas?

    Paul & Marti

  11. I'm having trouble post on your blog through Blogger, I have to sign in as Anonymous. And I just posted this before just a minute ago and it appeared on somebody else's blog.

    Any ideas?

    Paul & Marti

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  13. Hi, just found your blog. We are traveling the USA in our motorhome and love reading and following traveling blogs. Especially those that do some work kamping.
    Is there a place on your blog to become a follower??

  14. Testing 1 2 3! (2nd try) @

  15. Sorry, I couldn't resist that comment box in your latest post.

  16. Kimmer, I'm totally lost also !! I thought the Casita was a done deal also ??

    You'd better be in Quartzsite for January young lady so you can get to meet Bennie !!

    Add me to the list with Blogger comment problems. I've gotten several e-mails from friends saying Blogger won't take their comments ???

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