Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogger Comment Fix

Levonne from A Camp Host's Meanderings posted Rick's tip yesterday about steps to repair the comment issue that have been plagueing Blogger readers for a while now.  Pass it on....

Thanks Rick & Levonne!


  1. Our techie go to man is Rick, and I think he was responsible for the solution, but Lavonne was great in posting it. :)

  2. Let's see. I think I can post now. Yes, it was Rick that pointed me in the direction of the solution. I think there may be more than one problem going on though. So maybe as we identify them, Rick might help us continue to solve them. Good luck with your defense. I know it has little to do with luck and mostly to do with you. So I'll reframe and say - May the Force be With You.

  3. I think they are just trying to make us switch over to google chrome since google took over blogger...waaaa..we are not sheep!!...but we jump through the hoops so we can blog...

  4. I switched to the pop up comment window format. I can leave comments on that. The others, if they don't have it set to allow the name/url or annonymous part, then I can't leave any comments
    Still have a lot to learn about blogger.
    I can't figure out how to do the blog list thing.

  5. "we jump through the hoops so we can blog..."

    Now THAT was funny !!


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