Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monday Shopping

On Monday, I plan to travel to Birmingham to visit one of our clinical sites and will also make a day of it RV shopping-wise.

First stop is Bankston Motorhomes in Montgomery.  This is a dealership I have visited several times but now, I'm ready to buy.  The salesman I was working with (who never took me seriously) is no longer there.  That's OK because some say that a chummy seller-buyer relationship always costs the buyer money. 

I spoke with someone else at Bankston last week and was told that their inventory is down at the moment due to the appearance of the 2012 models.  BUT .... there is an elderly couple with a 2002 B+ that are considering a consignment sale.  She had little information beyond that ("um, a Dynamax .... maybe?") but promised to call the couple for details.  She also promised a follow-up call the next day but I never heard back. 

Next, I plan to stop at Camping World followed by another dealer visit in the same neighborhood.  Although neither place has much available at the moment. 

Here's an example of the size/floorplan I'm looking for.  Small enough for one, big enough for two.

I'm scouring the internet, of course, and am still hoping to find something suitable nearby. Any purchase would necessitate at least 2 trips: one look-see and one pick-up.  Of course, I'll have plenty of time for that sort of thing come December. 

Not sure if it's my imagination but everyone's used inventory seems low right now - even Ebay's.

I remain optimistic.


  1. Good luck with the shopping! That's always exciting.

  2. Oh exciting! Check out this url, you can turn on the floorplans & do a virtual tour through the rigs. Might give you a better idea on what you are looking for so you can search more in your area as well.

    They have B's & C's on that page.

    Good luck! Course, I'm sure Doris has to help choose too!

  3. I was really happy with the sales and service departments at Lazy Days RV in Seffner, FL near Tampa.

  4. Oh Kimmer, sure hope you find "the one" soon.

  5. Good luck with your shopping!! We've shopped at that same Bankston in Montgomery many times but never actually bought from them.
    Have you checked out and

  6. You all have given me some great websites - some I knew about and some I didn't. Thanks!!!

  7. You better have your shopping done by March. Still expecting to see you at the Green Eggs Rally in Camden, even though you won't have an EGG.

  8. Hi Kim! thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes!

    Blogger just bites the big one these days, doesn't it? Yours is one of the blogs that doesn't show up in my reader or list, when blogger lets me have a reader or list. Grrrrrrr

    Hope the shopping goes well! I am sooooooooooo glad NOT to be shopping anymore!


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