Sunday, October 16, 2011

RV Update: Ongoing Process

First, I want to thank everyone for your touching comments and heartfelt congratulations on my last post.  What a great bunch of folks!

Now for the RV news.  After much deliberation, I cancelled my Casita order.  I just couldn’t get past the distasteful prospect of buying a vehicle just for towing.  It finally dawned on me: a trailer is a great choice ..... for someone who has a tow vehicle!!!  

It wasn’t a fear of learning to tow or hitch/unhitch etc .... by myself.  I could learn.  I just don’t want to. 

Furthermore, a trailer would alter my preferred travel style.  The tail began to wag the dog.  See, I camp to travel, not the other way around.  I like to keep moving and I want to be able to zip in and out of locations with minimal fuss.  I also want to stealth camp when needed.  As much as I love the Casitas, they don’t exactly blend.

Sometimes it takes a while to sort this stuff out in your head.  Maybe my cranium's gotten too full to make a big decision.  As I say, it's a process.   

Soooo .... back to my original plan of obtaining a B+ or small C.  Now that I have time to breathe, I will resume my search in earnest.  Naturally, I hope to find a good used unit for a great price close to home.  It may not work out quite that way but I think it’s a buyer’s market for sure.  However, I don’t want to get attached to any particular make or model since ultimately my choice will depend upon what’s available in the next couple of months.  

What an exciting time!  And thanks for sharing it with me!    


  1. I agree with you about the Casita. They are really nice but not for me. I think you'll love a small Class C. I researched for a year before purchasing my coach. I knew I wanted certain features and found them several times before I was ready to buy. Then when I was ready to buy I could only find one nearby in a neighboring state (Florida) so that's what I did. It is exciting to shop around.

  2. Oh good, I'm glad you made your decision now rather than having bought the Casita, only to realize it really wasn't what you wanted. Take your time, go tour as many different kinds of rigs that you can. Get different ideas & the one you want will come your way!
    And of course, don't be afraid to pass your ideas or concerns past us. We've all been there. It took me 3 years to decide on mine, but I made a hasty buy & wish I had known a few things before I took the plunge. Learn about leaks & delamination. Something you want to avoid!

  3. "The tail began to wag the dog. See, I camp to travel, not the other way around."

    i love this comment. it keeps your priority front and center. the point is too travel not to camp. awesome.

  4. I think this makes sense mostly because of the tow vehicle--that is one huge expense that could go toward your RV. DH and I decided awhile ago that if we get to the point of being able to camp together, I would keep my little trailer for my solo trips, and we would buy a small used B+ for our use. Neither of our vehicles would tow a larger trailer and, like you, we don't want a new car!

    I recently had my trailer at Camping World to get something added, and while they were working on it I did what you had done and wandered the lot. This is a GREAT time to be RV-shopping! Good prices!

    Enjoy the shopping process again!

  5. Good clarification!


  6. Shame on me!!
    Somehow I missed your last post and therefore I missed your wonderful announcement!! Congratulations!!!!
    What a grand accomplishment!!

  7. After having Class A's, B's and C's, travel trailers, and 5ers, now I have a B+ and just love it. Only when I have company then I tow a small travel trailer behind it, so you can have the best of both worlds.

    When you go sightseeing you have everything you need with you, and the trailer is holding your spot back at the campground.
    I never had any CG say anything about hooking up both rigs.

  8. I think you will find the right RV sooner rather than later. Tey told us we would know when we found the "right" rig. For me it was not love at first sight, but more like I don't think we could find a better one.

    We did not dickek. We probably should have.

    to get the best price, be prepared to walk away.

  9. It's hard to know what you want until you get out there, until then it's a "best guess." I love my 24 footer, but I like to stay in a place for a week or two. If you really want to travel and not "camp" much, I'll bet a B would be good for you. You wouldn't need a toad if you get a small enough rig, then you would really be mobile. Something like Glenn's Chinook?

    I look forward to following along on your shopping trips and seeing what you decide to get. That is really a fun part of this adventure. :)

  10. Hi, Kim,

    Been following your blog for about a year now, but I just haven't commented. However, I just had to congratulate you on your great accomplishment!

    I will look forward to following you through your decision process, as I am hopefully right behind you as soon as my house sells. I really loved your comment, "I camp to travel, not the other way around." That really helps me in my own process of elimination.

    Enjoy shopping the "classes" for your graduation gift! ;-)

  11. Congratulations Dr. Kimbopolo!!! What an accomplishment. You know, as newbies to the RV world, it's ok to be up in the air about what you want. The longer I'm in Olivia the more I learn about what I want and don't want with my next RV. I absolutely love driving her and that will be a hard act to follow, I think. I also know that I want a permanent table and bed in my next RV. We're on an RV learning curve.

  12. DR. Kimmer !!! Hope you find something soon 'cause Bennie and i are really looking forward to meeting up with you and Big D in Quartzsite in January.

    I HATED towing !! The hitching and unhitching; the backing up etc. etc.

  13. My sister has a class B+ motor home she is interested in selling...Dorado Dutchman with very low miles



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