Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slide Ups? Slide Downs?

Looks like I’ll be making a 2 hour trip to a dealer on Monday.  They have 2 small used units.  One is a 2009 21 ft. Four Winds Chateau Sport with no slide and 10K miles on the odometer.  The other a 2007 24 ft. Vista Cruiser with a slide and 13K miles on it.  I just spoke with the salesman and will plan on seeing/driving both (provided they don’t sell before Monday).  

Four Winds Chateau Sport 21 RB Floorplan

2007 Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser with Mercedes diesel engine

Just curious – I know about the biggest advantage of having a slide i.e. more room.  Are there others?  What are the disadvantages?  Keep in mind that I won't be full-timing and most of my trips will be solo journeys.  And I'm more of a "tourer" than a camper, if that makes sense.

 I’m about to jump on my bike and ride to campus where football game tailgating is in full swing.  It’s a good opportunity to check out rigs - although the majority are large Class As.  Maybe I can meet the owners of the 24 foot Sunseeker I spied yesterday – the same rig owned by the most excellent full-timer blogger Me and My Dog.  If you’ve never visited this blog, check it out.  She and little Katie are currently enjoying Zion  National Park.  


  1. When I first started looking for a motorhome I DID NOT want a slide, for a few reasons. Malfunction on the road was one and added weight on one side only was another.

    I soon changed my mind once I spent time inside both. I really enjoy my slide. It makes all the difference in the world to me. The added space is perfect when I want to spend some time at a campground. Thoughts of full timing or not had nothing to do with my decision. It's all about comfort in a small space.

    Happy hunting.

  2. I think it is a personal preference. Craig and I took a two week vacation in a rented 25' Cruise America that did not have a slide. I was fine with the space, but for me the floor level bed as opposed to an over the cab bed was a must have. Given that I doubt our ability to get this house fixed up and on the market, I would have rather have bought a 29' class C than a 36' Class A. But the choice was not mine.

    I do love what we bought, even if it will just sit as a yard ornament for many months.

  3. We bought a used 25' class C two years ago, and have been enjoying long trips with it. It does not have a slide, but is roomy enough for the two of us. For us, a slide would just be another thing to break, and to make the motorhome heavier. It is longer than the 21' class C, hence has a rear corner bed. There were nights when one of us stayed up later than the other to read, and climbed up to the cab-over bed to sleep (the dinette can also be converted to a bed that is comfortable for a person of 5'11" height!). This motorhome works out fine for us.

    I think that if by myself, I would be fine with the shorter 21' class C. Glenn of the "Simple Living" site even lives full-time in a class B Chinook. That would work for me as a solo traveler too, as I would be willing to give up some living space for the better mobility of a smaller motorhome. It all depends on one's traveling style. By the way, I pull a "toad", as we are not campers, and do a lot of sight-seeing.


  4. A slide adds weight and could result in leaks if not sealed properly. Do they leak often?? I would doubt it is a huge problem BUT it could happen. On the up adds space. Since we are no longer full-timing I don't think it would bother us at all not having a slide. We also don't want to tow anymore so we like the smaller more versatile rigs.

    Good luck and keep us updated.

  5. I have a 22' ClassC RV - no slides. Sometimes I wish I had a slide, but in my case, I do live in mine & would like the extra space for my exercises. And sometimes when I do have my sofa down instead of up, then it's harder to walk down the aisle as you have to walk sideways ;-)
    But the slide does add extra weight & in my case, I need the CCC more than I need a slide. However, in you case, your lifestyle will be different.
    If you got the mecerdes diesel engine, then you'd get way better gas mileage, but there's more maintenace to a diesel engine. So it's still a toss up.
    Check out the closet space -- maybe that'll be the determining factor! ;-)

  6. Kim, This would be a no-brainer for me. A slide makes all the difference in the world - and the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages - which btw I have not found any disadvantages yet.

  7. I'm kind of ambivalent about slides. They're nice, but do tend to break and/or leak.

  8. Thanks for the mention - both the Chateau and vista Cruiser look good. Good luck on the shopping trip! :)

  9. We don't have any slides, but we're 38.5 feet long. I prefer to keep things simple, because the single biggest gripe I hear from RV forums is hassle with slides. Obviously, people aren't going to come on and gripe about spacious living or being more comfortable, so that skews what I read, and I'm sure people do enjoy their slides.

    FWIW, I think you should LOVE your rig. Don't settle for a marriage of convenience.


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