Saturday, October 15, 2011

Successful Defense!

It finally happened yesterday.  I presented my research and, 40 minutes later, was informed that I had earned my doctorate.  Just a few minor edits to the final manuscript and that's that.

I'm mostly numb still, but happy.  Deeply happy.   

I'm so fortunate.  For many reasons ... but mainly to have had so many fine people on my side.  Especially John, my wonderful husband, who made the journey every step of the way.  I also received much support from my in-laws, colleagues, my committee members, and friends (including all of you - my cyber buds who left encouraging comments and best wishes).

I'm beginning to feel the possibilities.  As Whitman said, soon I will be "done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms".  At least for a while.  I'll trust in the "long brown path before me" to provide perspective.  I'll rely upon the open road to figure out what's next.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your presentation must have been perfect.

    What wonderful news, John and your family, friends, and co-workers must be so proud of you. As are your blogger friends. It must be quite a relief to have the process finished.

    I'll bet a good bottle of wine was consumed last night.

    I dub you Dr. Kimbopolo. :)

  2. Well, Congratulations Doctor!

    Time to exhale...

  3. Congratulations!! No small feat - we're all proud of you! Now Celebrate! Yay!!

  4. A sincier congradulations. You worked hard, you deserve all the success you can have in the future.

  5. Today becomes a special day
    When you are truly on your way
    To gather all the knowledge gained
    Each moment spent so wisely framed

    We wish you luck in all you do
    With all that's good and right for you
    To seize the day with all it's power
    Accomplishments of all the hours

    Traveling a new road that you see
    Will bring you knowledge constantly
    Know that you have done your best
    Proud that you have reached your quest

    So on this day of perfect light
    We see the glow so very bright
    Now there's a world for you to see
    On down the road to ecstasy

    ~~ Congratulations Dr. Kim

  6. Congratulations, Dr. Kim!!! Way to go. Now on to better (or different) things to do with your precious time!

  7. You did it! Congratulations! You should be VERY proud of yourself!

  8. Congrats Dr. Kim. Can we call you Dr. Kim? Am so proud of you. Now take a very well deserved break and kick up your heels.

  9. Wonderful! Congratulations on a (long) job well-done.

    (The Good Luck Duck)


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