Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travel Aids

I've obtained a few items that will be helpful for road trips. 

The priority was a proper car seat for Doris the Exploress.  She's never liked my bug because the sides are high and precluded her from seeing out.  Kinda like a bathtub.  We've experimented with a couple of unsuccessful homemade solutions.  Last week, I found this car seat at PetSmart for about $35.  It seems to do the trick though she is still getting accustomed to it.  She should have a great view from whatever RV we decide to buy. 

The buffalo are roaming!!!  The antelope are playing!!!

The other acquisition occurred a few weeks ago.  Oh how I love it!  I just knew it would turn into one of those "how did I ever live without it" gadgets.  And it has.

Garmin Nuvi 660  


  1. Super duper on both items! Do you tether Doris in that car seat? Just suggesting that you do for safety reasons because it's way too easy for them to fly into the windshield & die if you have to hit the brakes for any reason. (but you probably know all that anyhow).
    Great on the gps too! I have one, then my cell phone came with one, so it's kinda handy. Plus the real one that isn't the phone one also serves as a speaker for the phone too, so that works well as I can't really make much out when using the speaker on the phone itself anyhow.
    Can't wait till you get an RV! We'll all be shopping along with you. Any questions, just ask, lots of us here that can answer most anything for you.

  2. I LOVE that doggie seat. Great idea. Your little Doris is so cute.

  3. Yes, make sure Doris is REALLY in there securely. On our first trip, Katie flew out of her bed that was on the passenger seat. I saw her go out of the corner of my eye, but someone had just cut me off and I had to keep my eye on the road and the other cars. She went back into the coach, and won't travel on the seat anymore.

    I love my Garmin!! I don't know how I ever got anywhere without it. Oh yeah, now I remember - I got lost all the time. :)


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