Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Shopping

Liked it, didn’t love it.  But the main achievement today was driving a Class C.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that.  It was easy!  We (me and the salesman) drove city streets, a state highway, and did some interstate miles.  I’m sure backing up will prove to be a bit of a challenge but I’ll think about that later.

Pluses: a clean and relatively new (2009) unit, good layout, with a roomy feel despite the absence of a slide.  Minuses: questionable build quality, missing TV, and a rather large crack in the windshield.  The crack ran about 10 inches along the driver’s side left hand corner.  It’s a consignment unit and it looks like the crack started as a chip from a road rock. 

After a bite of lunch, we talked money.  He suggested I have the windshield repaired at a Ford dealer.  I suggested they have the windshield repaired at a Ford dealer.  He said he would check around for a repair estimate.  When he showed me an itemized price sheet, they added $1,100 to the price for the windshield repair!  I politely told him that instead of adding, he should subtract.  We left it at that.  I mean – come on!!!  

And how much do flat screens cost these days?  I’m figuring that’s at least a $300 for a 15-incher which would be an additional purchase on top of the rig.  Not a deal-breaker but a little, well, annoying.     

Also had fun looking at this 2002 Safari Trek with 66K miles on it.  I’ve never seen one before.  It’s unique.  The queen-size bed is lowered electronically.  Pretty cool. 

They also had a 2007 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser.  I didn’t care for the interior at all and I see why people complain about the fit and finish.  And compare them to Winnebagos.  Didn’t drive it. 

If I were serious about the Four Winds Chateau, I’m sure we could work something out regarding the purchase price.  But I’ll go in search for a better-quality rig.  Sometimes I think since it’s my “starter home”, I don’t deserve better materials and build.  

But I’ve still got a couple of months to shop.  My next stop will most likely be a dealer in Atlanta that has a Winnebago Aspect on the lot.  It’s another 4-hour round trip so I’m not sure when I’ll get there.  Soon, I hope. 


  1. Theres always another to look at just down the road. Keep looking until you are very happy. Don't settle for less than the best you can afford. When you do find it, the knowledge you have gotten looking will pay off.

  2. um,can you tell us about your dog? your dog and rving? what kind of strapped in cushion thingy was the big d on in the pic. cute dog!

  3. Lookee! I can comment!

    A friend of mine has a 2007 Chateau that she's VERY happy with! Still, in this economy I can't believe the dealer added $$$, either! Pffft! Who needs him?

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. LCD TVs are now dirt cheap. I just put in a 23" TV with built-in DVD player, which cost me a bit more than $200. Just now saw a 19" with DVD for $119!

    It took me a while to figure out a place and method to attach a swivel mount, so that the TV can be turned for viewing from either the rear bed, or from the dinette seat. This 23" TV happens to run on 19VDC supplied by an external power pack that plugs into 115V (like a laptop, but it uses even less power than my laptop!). So, I got an aftermarket laptop power supply for it that runs off 12V instead. Same treatment for our two laptops. By running the electronics directly off 12V, I only need to turn on the monster 2000W pure sine wave inverter when using the microwave. That helps conserve battery power.

    All that work, and I found out that we watched TV about 3 nights on a recent 45-day trip! Well, it's there for when we get bored, plus being an engineer and a handyman, I like to spend time doing improvements to my house-on-wheel.


  5. They (or the owner) should repair the windshield not you. Way to stick to your guns! The economy is just not that good. You will find it....just keep looking.

  6. Some of the dealers are jerks. You'll have to hit heads with him to fix the windshield at their expense AND I'd tell them to make up the difference for a tv too!! Bet they would for a sale! But since you liked it, but didn't love it, I'd just keep looking.

  7. Yes, make them (or the owner) fix anything that's not working. Another thing, I had to pay to install a back-up camera - even with a 24 footer it's a good idea to have one. They aren't cheap to have installed. One of my friends used that as a negotiating point - the dealer installed her's for free. I only negotiated with money, never thought to ask for upgrades.

    Both of the vehicles you show look nice. :)

  8. Hi Kim, I changed computers and lost you for awhile.
    Yes don't let them add to the cost. What nerve. Like a lot of us have learned a dealer is not your friend he is out to make a buck. Looks like a nice coach but like the others have sad don't just settle, Love It.

  9. I love that 2002 Safari Trek's layout in the photo. I shopped online for a year before buying my coach. It was very frustrating.

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  11. I am glad you are not settling for a rig you don't love. I do so hope you find the right one soon!

    I just saw your jackolantern. It's hilarious. I never saw one sticking out his tongue before! :D

  12. Not sure if you are interested, but on Yahoo the View / Navion group has a Database and within that a Marketbase where people can list their RVs for sale. They do have a couple of Vista Cruisers listed along with Views and Navions. You might find something in your area for sale. Good luck with your search.

  13. Hey Kimmer ! Time for an update....


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