Friday, May 11, 2012

Better Blogger

It's evident that Blogger was overhauled during my hiatus and I gotta say, it's improved.  I haven't had any problems of late with publishing posts, signing in, or commenting on other blogs.  Have you noticed it's more operator-friendly?

We got an offer on the house.  It's a fair offer so the time has come for us to make a decision about condo vs. house (by 6 PM today in fact).  I'm having trouble with the choice and am very much on the fence.  I really believe if I knew what I was going to be doing for a living, the choice would come easier.  It's a terrible thing not to know your own mind. 

I gave the decision-making power to John today.  In 28 years of marriage, we've never done it that way but I seem paralyzed by indecision.  It's an odd sensation.  It's been almost 6 months (!) since the tornado and I don't think any more time or any more discussion will make a difference. 

He'll be home in about an hour to deliver the verdict.  I've got my Manhattan glass chillin'.  I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, I applied for a faculty position at the Frontier Nursing University.  This is a highly-regarded program that trains nurse-midwives and nurse practioners to work with the medically underserved. 

The nurses gave care to the inaccessible by making house calls on horseback. 

The program is large - they admit 600 students from around the world every year.  The teaching would be done online with a requirement that I visit the campus in Hyden, KY several times a year. 

I've been there before while researching an article in 1996 about the organization as a model of nurse-managed care.  I loved it - the school, the school's mission, the clinics staffed by nurses, and the location itself.  The small campus is nestled in the hollers of Kentucky - real "Coal Miner's Daughter" country. 

It's another option I'm looking at and I'm trying not to get too excited but ..... I'm kinda excited!


  1. This is all awesome sauce. Does this mean John is deciding whether or not to accept the offer? And, I love the program you're considering.

  2. Fingers crossed for the job... Hope John makes the decision. There is never really a right or wrong in these things. You will do fine either way. It's just a mater of making the leap. But if staying put in the house is the decision, the last six months will have an influence too. You could still take the online job, and RV to the campus for some of the required visits.

  3. It looks like new horizons are finally opening up for you. I'm so excited to see how this all turns out.

    And I'm betting that an RV will be part of the picture! :)

    And yes, Blogger is a LOT better. I used to not be able to comment on most of their blogs. Now it looks like that problem is fixed.

  4. OK, Now I'm really excited and curious to click to the next post.


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