Sunday, May 6, 2012

Decisions Part 2: Work

So many decisions.  Where to live and how to live. 
Thanks to all who posted comments on Part 1.  You gave me some good insight.    

Now for the job situation.  I can get a job anywhere – the need for nursing faculty is dire right now.  In fact, this is the root cause of the national nursing shortage.  Tens of thousands of qualified applicants to nursing programs are turned away due to lack of instructors. 

But John needs to stay here for at least 4 more years until he retires and I don’t want to be parted from him right now.  We’ve lived and worked in different cities before in our 28-year marriage and it was doable but I’m just not in the mood to be away from him right now.  Plus there is the expense of maintaining 2 households were I to relocate.  I estimate that I would have to earn at least 20 grand more to make up the difference. 

There is a faculty opening at Troy State - a nearby graduate program - that I have applied for.  I’m waiting to hear back about an interview date.  It’s a 9-month position so I would have summers off!  That possibility is very attractive to me and you can guess why - I could buy whatever rig I wanted and just take off in May for several months. 

The other option I’m looking into is online instruction.  Online learning is very big right now in graduate nursing education.  I have all the qualifications and feel confident I could get any position I wanted in that world too.  Again, the advantage to this would be obvious to all of you -  I could work from the road!  Downside: the pay is not that great.  However, it would be enough to finance one heck of a road trip.  I could do it for a year and, if it doesn’t work out, all I’ve lost is the RV depreciation. 
Gee, now that I’ve written it all out I feel good about the prospects.  Fortunately I don’t have to be in any particular hurry to make a decision about work.  I agreed to teach my courses this summer (though now I wish I had asked for combat pay).  The housing situation is more pressing than the job situation. 

Anyway, I’m starting to see that losing my job is not the end of the world – something I wouldn’t have believed 7 weeks ago.  I’m grateful that my perspective has returned intact.   And also feel fortunate that I have so many good options when some folks have few or none. 

As usual, I welcome any and all input! 


  1. Sounds like you have some really good possibilities in mind. Having the summer to travel would be awesome as well as being able to work while traveling.
    When one door closes another has a tendency to open! :-)
    Good luck and keep us updated!!

  2. Good to read about you again, Kim. And, that a number of options are opening up to you; and, that you have approached the closing of the door you worked so hard for as an opening of another door for other opportunities. Something is out there and it will come to you. Life can be so frustrating and yet so satisfying once we have direction. I'll be staying tuned.

  3. As a travel nurse who is completing my MSN as an online student, I think you should go for teaching online. The hours are very flexible, some of my instructors spend a minimal amount of time in the actual classroom, and go past the required date to post grades, and actually grade assignments. The quality of instructors is not that great, it would be nice if more qualified teachers would enter the online teaching environment.

    One of my former coworkers just received her DNP last year and now she teaches for two online colleges and she is traveling in a 5th wheeler with her sister and two yorkies. She was a great nurse, and now a great instructor, I only wish she taught for my online school.

    God Bless with the choice you make.

  4. Only you can decide what is best for you. Even then, the grass may seem greener on the other side! Be glad you have choices.

  5. BubbaRay,

    I'm trying to find someone who is actually doing this. Does your former co-worker have a blog?

  6. No unfortunately she does not, she refuses to do a blog because she said it would interfere with her daytime retirement.

    She bought a Keystone Raptor 410LEV toyhauler with satellite internet to remain connected wherever she travels to. The model she choose has a garage she set up as per office and a place for the dogs crates.

    The last email I received from here was about 3 weeks ago, they are planning to hit Canada this summer, and she has been following allot of the old route 66 routes for food, scenery, and memorbilia.

  7. Thanks BubbaRay! I can understand why someone who teaches online may shy away from blogging.

  8. I am so glad to see you back! I think you are looking at your options with a healthy attitude. Ultimately, you'll do what works best for you & we all believe in you!! Keep us posted!

  9. I have a feeling you're going to be much happier in either of your options listed, than in the job you didn't get. They both sound wonderful, and won't tie you down like a permanent, full time job would.

    What you went through was tough, I know because it's happened to me and I was devastated. I was laid off for no apparent reason in my 30's and I cried for days. It was awful. Now it's a blip on old, old radar and I moved on. My life would have been different, but maybe not half so good, if I had not been laid off and taken other paths.

    You'll make the right choice, and if you change your mind, you can try the other option. It's nice to have a supportive husband, too. :)

  10. You are all so reassuring. And wise with experience. I'm beginning to believe in the ol' silver lining.

  11. Kim, You mentioned online teaching the salary is less. But I have to wonder how much less on a 'net' basis.

    Going outside the home to work has expenses that may offset the lesser online job.

    There's gas to/from work; money for clothes that you wouldn't need if you worked from home; coffee break and lunch break money; in Canada Insurance on a vehicle is more if you use it to travel to/from work. And I'm sure there are many other hidden costs.

    Just some more food for thought.


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