Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gathering Data

It is slightly embarrassing to have a travel blog and not be travelling.  Maybe I should change the title to the Travails of Kimbopolo?
I got a helpful response from the woman who taught online while full-timing for 3 years.  She is most enthusiastic about the combination.  Tells me it’s completely doable.  I have some additional questions for her and hope to learn more. 
I got a good referral for an online program yesterday from someone who has consulted with them  – Excelsior College.  That helps because there are so many online nursing programs I would rather not learn by trial and error if there are any I should avoid.  They are all accredited and have qualified faculty but again, there are just so many of them.  Maybe in this case just flipping a coin and jumping in is the way to go. 
Yesterday I met with the Director of Undergraduate Research, whom I know, and who needs help with the program.  We talked in general terms of my working part-time perhaps in the fall. We decided to leave it for now and revisit later this summer.   

I truly would love to stay with AU in some capacity.  (I must admit that a minor reason for this is the possibility of being successful somewhere else on campus so I can give the finger to my soon-to-be ex-department.  Petty?  Oh, you betcha!). 

I’ll have to give it some thought because if I let the opportunity go by, it will.  I just have to figure out how the part-time scenario will allow me to pursue online teaching and traveling. 

In the meantime, I prepare to go back to work next week and teach my courses for the last time. 


  1. Good luck, Kim. I wish I were qualified to offer some helpful advice, but I'm not.

    All I can do is wish you the best and watch as your future unfolds... and trust that you will end up with the best of all possible situations.

  2. Hiya Kimbopolo! Glad to see your posting again and working on your travel dream once more.

    I'll be rooting for you, whichever Plan you end up going with. :)

  3. Good luck - you'll make the right decision. :)

  4. Best of luck!! It will all work out!!

  5. Kim, Regarding exploring the option to teach online and travel - have you check the many RV websites to find someone else to advise you ? Like RV.NET - IRV2 - Escapees etc. etc.


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