Thursday, May 17, 2012

Minimalism: Quantitative Proof

After the tornado, we had to move all our worldly belongings into a pod placed in our driveway.   Then we had to move it back in after the damage was repaired. 

No kidding - everything we own was in that container (except for the kitchen appliances). 

Now you can see why friends laugh when we say we are buying the condo so we can downsize. 

February 2012


  1. Put wheels on it. Put windows in it. Put a kitchenette & bathroom in it. It's already furnished!! Then you'll have that RV you want?

  2. Will you keep everything in the POD?

    No, I mean, will you keep everything that is in the POD?

  3. TexCyn - I had exactly the same thought back in February! LOL!

    Ducky - no we will be consigning about 8 pieces of furniture in addition to a yard sale to unload the smaller items. Wheeee!!!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing - knock out a couple of windows, add some plumbing and you're set. The wheels are good idea, too. At least everything is out of the house, so that would make it easier, right? :)

  5. One step at a time. This should give you a real feel for what material thing are really worth.

  6. Agree with the majority here for sure. LOL But John might want a wee bit more space huh.


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