Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been a busy week.  We have donated, sold, and dumped fully 1/2 of our possessions.  And it's not over yet. 

I really thought this stuff would fit.

Here's my new office

We thought the big challenge would be our kitchenette.  Or, as I think of it, John's studio.

Rather like an RV kitchen with one usable drawer.

But, of course, he was able to produce a fabulous meal.

Sauteed scallops and crostini appetizer.  Followed by shrimp scampi on a bed of orzo.

John always says if you give him a pan and a heat source, he can put food on the table.  It was so nice to eat at our own table with our own dishes, utensils, and glassware.  Something we haven't done since the tornado 6 months ago . 

Ahhh, home!

Give me a few more weeks to settle into the new home before I start shopping for a second home.  On wheels, this time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Small A

For so long I have wanted someone to make a small Class A.  This 25 foot Winnebago on eBay certainly qualifies but I don't like the price much.  Or the graphics.  Ick! 

My mom would have said it looks like Walt Disney spit up!

Perhaps more manufacturers will go smaller with the As?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Moving

Thursday was spent with the good Goodwill guys.  They were nice folks (such great attitudes) and they had a big job clearing out the condo jam-packed with the in-laws belongings. 

We are preparing to move out of the house on Wednesday.  Closing is a week from tomorrow. 

I think we will really like it here and especially enjoy the low-maintenance aspect of small living.   In the house, we were plagued by an infinite list of repairs.  Repairs of the expensive and time-consuming sort that hampered my freedom. 

Here at the condo .....  everything works!!!!

Here's our partially-vacant new home as it looks today. 

The best part?  Not the wood-burning fireplace.  Not the big-screen.  Nope - it's Doris!  She loves it here.  Maybe it's the carpet downstairs; do dogs prefer it to hard-wood floors?  I think this one does. 

I like the big window in the upstairs bedroom. 

My camping chairs.  They'll stay here till I have an RV to stash them in. 

For all you Kudzu lovers, here's the view from the downstairs bedroom balcony.  There is a small stream that runs through the rear of the property. 

John surveying the tornado repairs to the house this winter.  The living room doesn't smell like a pine tree anymore.  Because it no longer has a pine tree in it.  Thank god the liquor wasn't damaged! 

I'll show the most important room in the house - the kitchen - when we get it organized.  It's a real mess at the moment!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Along, Kinda

This morning, the consignment store picked up the 7 pieces of furniture they are willing to sell.  These were nice pieces - some in my family as long as I can remember.  We should be able to realize about $1000 from the eventual sales. 

But ...... the best part was when the driver offered to cart away the remaining items from the yard sale!!!  It turns out that the consignment store helps out a non-profit and will deliver the goods to someone who can use them.  That was a real unexpected bonus.

The condo will be emptied by Goodwill on Thursday.  A day long in coming!

The rugs will get a good cleaning after that. 

There is still much to do between now and closing date for our house on June 25th.  But we are getting there.  This is a busy week at work for me as well.

Meanwhile, we are also dealing with a broken headlamp bulb on my beetle (you can't just pop out the bulb and switch it out) and a broken garbage disposal at the condo.  In fact, the plumber is here now. 

Oy - things and stuff!

 I so envy you full-timers.  I know you have your share of issues/repairs as well but the grass sure looks greener from where I'm standing.  Probably from where you are too. 

It seems like we've dealt with nothing but problems since November 16th.  But all will be settled soon.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moving Sale

Not as successful as we had hoped but we had fun and laughed a lot.  And it didn't rain! 

There just wasn't a big turn-out for some reason. 


Net profit: $161.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye, Old Friends.

This past winter when I was doing a lot of hiking (and NOT blogging), my right knee began to hurt.  I thought I had strained it and so chose to ignore it like a true medical professional.  It got better; in fact, I forgot about it. 

Well, I just took Doris on a walk around town and wore my hiking boots for the first time since the weather got hot.  Yep - the knee pain returned immediately.  So, into the donation pile they go.  I’ve hiked in these boots for years and they are, hands-down, the best pair I’ve ever owned.  But they aren’t working for me anymore.  Do they make sensible shoes for the over-50 hiker? 

We are making serious progress toward our goal of moving into the condo and living like students again.  Here are some “before” shots of the condo interior just for the record.  The family took everything they wanted to keep and what’s left will be donated.   

My mother-in-law loved to paint and we've got lots of her work to pass on to others such as the one over the hutch. 

Check out the white walls!  We will renovate and decorate eventually but ..... first I get my RV

Doris enjoying cocktail hour.  And SQUIRRELS!

Tomorrow: yard sale at the house.  It’s amazing how much stuff even a minimalist couple like us can collect.  I’ll try to get some photos. 
Monday: the consignment store is coming to haul off the valuable furniture. 

Thursday: Goodwill arrives to clear the condo out.
The following Thursday: movers arrive at the house.
Monday the 25th: house closing.
Wow, it’s really happening.  We’ve lived in our house for 12 years so, even though as you know, I consider it a weight around my neck, it’s bittersweet to leave. 
But if I ever start to regret it, I’ll think back to the time we had to replace the basement door and it cost $691!  How much gas would that have bought?  And that’s just one example of many many over the years.   
I considered saving all the receipts for home improvement/repair that were in the fat file folder I went through yesterday.  But I decided there was no need to save them -  I won’t forget.