Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye, Old Friends.

This past winter when I was doing a lot of hiking (and NOT blogging), my right knee began to hurt.  I thought I had strained it and so chose to ignore it like a true medical professional.  It got better; in fact, I forgot about it. 

Well, I just took Doris on a walk around town and wore my hiking boots for the first time since the weather got hot.  Yep - the knee pain returned immediately.  So, into the donation pile they go.  I’ve hiked in these boots for years and they are, hands-down, the best pair I’ve ever owned.  But they aren’t working for me anymore.  Do they make sensible shoes for the over-50 hiker? 

We are making serious progress toward our goal of moving into the condo and living like students again.  Here are some “before” shots of the condo interior just for the record.  The family took everything they wanted to keep and what’s left will be donated.   

My mother-in-law loved to paint and we've got lots of her work to pass on to others such as the one over the hutch. 

Check out the white walls!  We will renovate and decorate eventually but ..... first I get my RV

Doris enjoying cocktail hour.  And SQUIRRELS!

Tomorrow: yard sale at the house.  It’s amazing how much stuff even a minimalist couple like us can collect.  I’ll try to get some photos. 
Monday: the consignment store is coming to haul off the valuable furniture. 

Thursday: Goodwill arrives to clear the condo out.
The following Thursday: movers arrive at the house.
Monday the 25th: house closing.
Wow, it’s really happening.  We’ve lived in our house for 12 years so, even though as you know, I consider it a weight around my neck, it’s bittersweet to leave. 
But if I ever start to regret it, I’ll think back to the time we had to replace the basement door and it cost $691!  How much gas would that have bought?  And that’s just one example of many many over the years.   
I considered saving all the receipts for home improvement/repair that were in the fat file folder I went through yesterday.  But I decided there was no need to save them -  I won’t forget. 


  1. Yup, homes ost a lot to fix or just keep up. In the past it was OK because of the constant increases in values. Now, well if you get out of them what you put in your ahead. We all have to live somewhere!

  2. Right you are Merikay! I estimate that our net profit after 12 years in the house is about 10 grand. Not a very good return at all.

  3. If you made a profit of $10,000, consider yourself lucky! I lost my $70,000 down payment on my condo that I had for seven years, and the mortgage company lost $80,000 after the short sale was completed. What a loss!

    I don't think many people are making any profit at all. It's sure not like in the past, where we made some good money when we sold our homes. :(

  4. You are so right about the so-called benefits of home ownership! Right now, I am looking at replacing an exterior door (approx $550-600) and my HVAC system (who knows? will get estimate today). If I ever get to the point where I can put this house on the market, I will be a most happy renter in the years to come. Because I already own the home I love - my Casita:)

  5. Anonymous,

    You keep that Casita!


    You are right! It could be much worse and I know it is for many people.

    However, I just keep thinking that same rate of return could have been acheived in a plain ol' Money Market account - even at a lousy <1% interest. And the MM would have been much less of a headache!

    Of course, you need a place to live .....

  6. For me you have a really nice place in there. Hope to see your new place soon. :)

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